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    Default Pleased to meet you...

    Hello and greetings. I can't wait to get to know you all.
    In the real world I'm keen on reading, art and games.
    Also in the real world, but behind closed doors a bit more, I have a 21 year old 24/7 nappied girlfriend and that is why I'm here. To seek advice and ideas on her lifestyle.
    Can't wait to get to know you all, and occaisionally I might let my baby hop on and say hi as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nastyman View Post
    Hello and greetings. I can't wait to get to know you all.
    In the real world I'm keen on reading, art and games.
    Also in the real world, but behind closed doors a bit more, I have a 21 year old 24/7 nappied girlfriend and that is why I'm here. To seek advice and ideas on her lifestyle.
    Can't wait to get to know you all, and occaisionally I might let my baby hop on and say hi as well.
    Hi there nastyman, I can't wait to get to know you either! Welcome to ADISC, it's great to have you here. It's great that you are looking for advice and ideas, and all of that. Shows that you want to do your best for her, which is a sweet thing for you to do. I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for, and perhaps some more.. I can only say from my own experience that is a community worth being apart of.

    Reading, art, and games huh? That seems kinda vague.. would you mind telling us a little more? Like, what sorts of things do you like to read.. how do you express your artistic side and what are some of your favorite games?

    Have a ton of fun!

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    Hi and welcome. It's nice that you are so accepting of your girlfriends eccentricities. I'm guessing you enjoy reading real literature, not our diaper stories which are on this site. I'm a writer and have a werewolf story on Nookbook. I'm also writing a novel about a haunting. At the moment, I'm reading "The Great Gatsby". I'm afraid F. Scott Fitzgerald puts our writing to shame!

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    yes written correspondance is fast becoming a lost art, which is a shame really. I do a bit of teaching and a lot of kids I encounter have little to no written language skills, it's all typing and texting these days.

    and as for accepting of the girlfriend's eccentricities goes, it's more her being accepting. I made her wear nappies a few years ago, and since she's been in them so long she started bedwetting and now wets herself almost without realising during the day. It's kind of awkward because she still lives with her family at home. I'm probably getting to the too much information point now, should I start a topic somewhere about this stuff?

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    No, it's not tmi for us, but perhaps going into detail in Adult Baby forum would be the place to deal with it, or Mature topics, where all sorts of relationship issues of an adult nature come up. Is she on Adisc or any other abdl websites? We do have couples here. Some are both abdl and some have only one partner into it.

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    It's really nice to hear, that you decided to join adisc, because your girlfriend is into diapers!
    So welcome and have fun here. And of course hopefully you'll find the answers, which you're seeking.

    As gigglemuffinz already asked, maybe you'd like to tell us into which games & books you are and how do you express your artistic side? Would be really nice to know. Especially since you're the one, who joined ;).

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    pretty much any board or computer game. At the moment cracking through Skyrim again on the PS3. As for arts just anything creative, drawing, music is a big part of my life, but anybody in the western world could say that. I do love curling up with a good book, but one of my current guiilty pleasures is my ongoing project to read every single x-men comic from 1963-2013+ at the moment I'm up to about '73 I think

    With the girlfriend I got her into nappies. (here comes the obligatory origins story!)

    Hard to remember exactly why I started wearing, but I did. I always had not bladder problems but toilet shyness I guess? maybe it was childhood anxiety or something, but I could never use the urinal at school, I guess nobody ever taught me because we had a sit-down toilet at home. I didn't have the guts, I thought people would pick on me for doing it wrong, or having a small penis (I was 6!) so when I had to go to the toilet I'd go in and check if anyone was in there, and sneak into a cubicle to sit down and wee, if the cubicles were all full i'd sneak around the back of the toilet building and squat near a tree.
    These embarrasing habits got me ashamed to even go to the toilet so I would try and hold it in until I got home, which meant occasional accidents all through primary school and even I think I remember a couple in year 7 or year 8 at high school.
    So that's accidents, now nappies.
    I think it was with my cousin when we were much much younger, like 7 or 8? we'd sneak our other little baby cousin's nappies away and put them on and wet. I liked it a lot. When we couldn't do that anymore he invented something called "pooey undies" which is exactly what it sounds like. We were in upper primary school by this point and I didn't much like the idea of pooey undies, but nappies were still on my mind. I guess he grew up and we stopped talking about it, but there were a few times I snuck a drynites from my cousin's room or a depends from my grandmothers room... I feel guilty looking back on it because there was a time I snuck a whole pack of depends from grandma, one at a time, over several weeks. Well she wasn't using them!
    As I grew older and had less baby/incontinent relatives to source nappies from I had to start buying them. I still remember my first packet. 16 home-brand baby nappies, they were like 5 bucks. They were adorable! Pure white crinkly plastic outer, with these adorable little baby animals printed on in blue ink that fades when it's wet. little bunnies and bears and stuff all with their padded bums sticking out toward you, I miss them dearly. There was no chance they would fit. I was a pudgy teenager and they were for newborns, but they slid into my undies and felt great when I let go in them. So great that after my initial pack of 16 I bought the jumbo pack, 125 nappies for $20! they lasted for more than a year because I was an occasional wearer.
    Same as anyone my want to wear waxes and wanes, I had my binges where I decided to only wear and use nappies, and my purges where I decided to throw them all out (a clear waste of money. This is something we can not stop, be who you are!)
    So I met this girl, introduced her to nappies, told her I liked them, told her I liked HER in them, and she started wearing them occasionally. She wore huggies in her nickers for a while, then when I got my license we could drive down to Nappyland and get cases of adult nappies, she wore them occasionally at first, then I suggested wearing them for a week, a month, a couple of months. I tried to get her to relax about them, get used to them.
    One day I got sick of coming home and finding her not padded, so I put her in them 24/7. After about 3 months 24/7 she started wetting the bed, she told her mum so her mum knows at least that much. not sure if she's noticed at daytime yet. so now it's been probably 2 years since she went 24/7. She still wets the bed every night, and wears them under her clothes every day to uni. She has gotten more confident with them. Originally she was worried about noises and being caught and smells, but now she's fine, they're pretty much undies for her, that she uses for all her toileting. (Oh, also she sleeps with a pacifier and big teddy every night )
    the other day she mentioned to me she was worried she wouldn't have any control left when she stops wearing, and she might not be able to get it back. so I told her I'd do some investigating online, and here we are

    So does anybody have any experience with being 24/7 for a long period and trying to go back to being a grown-up? I'd love some advice. Let me know if I need to post in a new forum, y'know, me being a new guy and all.

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    Hey: and what a story. A few things occur to me: there are many touch points in that last post, items not only that are interesting about you but that ring loud and familiar bells with me. Several things you said remind me of issues other members have raised, from a partner being 24/7, to odd anxieties and phobias connected to toilets (especially public ones,) to why people would stuff baby diapers down their pants when they are long since too old to fit a Goodnight -or Pampers size 7 - let alone Pampers size 1. So there's tons in there relevant to other members, and it would be a shame if they didn't see it and get to respond to it.

    That is likely to happen because intro threads often get no more than one reply per respondant, then when people stop posting in them they get ignored. Click on Greetings forum after you sign onto Adisc. You will notice that when a thread is created its link is highest on the page. The page only shows so many links to threads. Now when a new post is made in a thread, it jumps back to the top of the page; but eventually, and this applies especially to intro threads, people stop posting in them.

    Then as new threads jump to the top of the listing they push older threads down by default, until they are no longer immediately visible. Then they REALLY get ignored.

    You have so much going on, including advice to ask, that the Greetings Forum isn't the best place to post about it. Not because it's inappropriate material for Adisc, but because the site mechanics won't serve you as well as they might.

    I am happy to make suggestions to you in this thread as to how to use the site to your fullest advantage; this not only will assist you, but other people will be able to chime in and offer their own suggestions or make comments about mine, lest I somehow lead you astray.

    My first suggestions will be to break up that last post and repeat bits of it in new threads you would make in the appropriate forums. Right off the bat I can see stuff that deserves its own thread in Adult Baby, Mature Topics, and Diaper Talk forums.

    Then, if you wish I can help guide you to other peoples' threads your last post suggests you would be interested in. I could give you links, but also show how to use things like the search function.

    Another reason for placing points of your last post in their own threads is presentation: it's intimidating to see a post as long as this one or your last one. People frequently just skip over very long posts. I am the guiltiest person on this site of making overly long posts and ones whose layout makes reading them hard work.

    Oh yeah - one last thing. (In for a penny, in for a pound.) Really long posts make it harder for responders to answer your issues fully, for them to address all the things you bring up in a long post.

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    thanks a lot raccoon, not only helpful but also courteous (which is not massively common when coming to a new forum)
    I have no idea on which parts should go into which forum. Do you think you could PM me with some assistance?

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    Sure, no problem. Adisc is most definitely, a forum where courtesy counts. It's part of our culture - which is down to how Moo designed and runs Adisc. Well... we're here to be helpful, that's what a support site does.

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