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Thread: Playing with Hot Wheels

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    Default Playing with Hot Wheels

    Is it wrong if I want to play with Hot Wheels and their race track sets again like times when I was a kid?

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    Yeah, WTF... seriously dude.... what's wrong with you.... are you for real.... lol...have fun

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    hahaha Well, you've come to the right place if you're looking for acceptance of child-like behavior. I love hot wheels and wish I had some of my own (Don't know what happened to all of mine.) It might make you seem weird to the general public, but everyone on this site is weird and we do much stranger things than just playing with Hot Wheels.

    Doing things we once did as a kid is in and of itself regression. There are different levels of regression and different ages that people identify with. If your fondest memories of childhood involve playing with hot wheels so you play wiht them now, then that is a form of regression and you are simply acting out a means of comfort for yourself. Nothing wrong with self-soothing comfort.

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    I used to LOVE playing wiff hotwheels hence the name hehe. My favorite thing about setting up the tracks were the "boosters" that helped keep the cars going on the track. I used to set up the longest tracks and see if I could keep the cars going in a continuous loop, oh so much fun!
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    Most of my hot wheels belonged to my dad back in the late 60's. They're pretty beat up but are probably collectors items by now. I have them displayed on a shelf, along with his slot cars from the 70's ( amazingly they still run!)
    I still play with my massive collection of legos if it makes you feel better! Though I mostly build motorized technic models that are remote control.

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    I see nothing wrong with it. Back in the late 60's my brother-inlaw at the time and I got into slot cars and had ball playing with them. In fact there were places that had tracks
    setup where you could go and race them.

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    Omg yeah I remember going to a slot car racing place one time with my dad and thought it was the coolest thing. People were so into it! As I grew up I never got involved in slot car racing but I did have a phase where I loved remote controlled cars and even strapped a camera on top of a few from time to time

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    i love playing with choo choo's lol. i still love building with lego and k'nex. for me k,nex is like lego but its not bricks. its lots of differant lenth poles and connecters you used to build things with them. you could build cras nad planes and giant rollercoasters that were huge. i liked it best because i would just start to build things without knowing what i was builidng or i would modify the model from that in teh manuel. you used to get a manuel of things you could build and it gave you instructions like a how a guid on how tobuild the thing you wanted to build. i would spend the whole day playing with my k'nex without a care in the world.speaking o which im currently looking up k;nex now on the web. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSurfer View Post
    Is it wrong if I want to play with Hot Wheels and their race track sets again like times when I was a kid?
    It's probably the most socially acceptable form of age-play a person of your gender can do

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSurfer View Post
    Is it wrong if I want to play with Hot Wheels and their race track sets again like times when I was a kid?
    Not at all, especially during regression and ageplay and can probably be a really good thing to play with since it's simple and very fun, heck I get some enjoyment out of them when I'm not doing ageplay myself

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