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Thread: Diapers and periods

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    Question Diapers and periods

    I just signed up to the site and figured I would post something. Here is a subject you don't see hardly any info about...diapers and periods. So what do you use during that "time of month"? Survey says...TAMPONS...but I can't use them (dog gone things hurt). So how do you ladies handle your period and bladder control problem? Curious to see what everyone says...maybe there is something I haven't thought of I'm hoping this is a PG13 question...don't want to post anything out of taste.

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    Your'e not the first one to ask this. I'm sure there will be some of our female members chime in on this question. Anyway welcome to ADISC.

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    This question seems to pop up from time to time. Here's one example.

    I'm a guy, so I'll refrain from sharing my own inexperience.

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    I'm glad you brought this up, because i was wondering the same thing and hadn't taken the time to browse around and find an answer. Part of me feels like it might just be easier to not diaper-up for the "time of the month."

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    I don't feel babyish when it's that time of the month. Mostly I'm in pain and bloated and I bleed like a stuck pig for three days straight. Some women though have placed a pad inside the diaper as though the diaper were underwear. I wouldn't personally use the diaper/pad combo for wetting. It would probably leak in the WORST way. The pad can't hold much and it would be blocking the more absorbent diaper underneath. This idea would be more for the comfort and bulky feeling and age play. If you do a diaper without the pad, I could see that working for one wetting. But I'd be very careful to clean it up ASAP.

    For me, i just can't wear that time of the month. I feel sooo the opposite of childlike. So it's just a about five or six days off every month. Certainly helps with moderation and keeping a balance, lol.

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    Since I have to wear 24/7, I don't find it very logical to use anything other than just the diaper during that time. Any combination (i.e. pad and diaper, or tampon and diaper) seems to just be counter productive in terms of sanitation. I certainly change more often during that time of month though.

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    I have heard of women wearing diapers or pull ups during their periods, i think it's more common the we know.

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    Thanks for the responses! This is what I do (doesn't always work either). During the heaviest days I use this Pads without Wings - Always Ultra Thin inside the diaper. I'm bleeding more than I'm wetting so I just change the pad often. The only downside if I have a leak (I'm not talking a dribble but a temporary loss of control) it will overwhelm the pad and cause the diaper not to absorb the way it should. I have experienced some diaper leaks due to this but I guess this is the best thing to do since I don't use tampons. I have tried just using the diaper but I go through way too many diapers just to not have the "icky" feeling.

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    I used to wear tampons, but I have really never been a big fan, so I stopped and went to just wearing pads. When I started wearing diapers, I eased in by wearing what I called pullups (depends womens underwear from any walgreens) which are $20 for 18 of them. The pullups are my #1 go to during my period, to be honest. They have a diaper-y feel and much higher absorbancy than any pad, so I am more comfortable during my time of the month. Wearing a diaper I normally discard it way before it would be considered full, but I don't want to be sitting in it that long. Thats why I prefer to use the pullups - I can change them frequently and not feel wasteful.

    Hope this helps!

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