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Thread: Walmart White Cloud Sleep Pants - wear at own risk

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    Default Walmart White Cloud Sleep Pants - wear at own risk

    I stopped into a Walmart to buy a birthday gift and decided to get some emergency Goodnites. If I'd had the space in my backpack I would have just bought the actual Goodnites but they didn't sell any 15-bags, so I saw the White Cloud Sleep Pants XL and wrongly assumed they'd be the same as other store-brand Goodnites. They are lower rise, and though the elastic has more 'give' I've ripped 3 in less than an hour's wearing each time, doing nothing at all to put any additional strain on the seams. Once I was walking and the entire unused 'diaper' fell right out the leg of my cargo shorts. Thankfully nobody saw it. Like anyone else I hate to waste a diaper but to not even get a decent wetting in is ridiculous. I have 9 of these duds left and no stealthy way to get a known-to-be-good supply for the next few days. FML

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    Cut them up, pokes holes or cut slits in the plastic backing and use them as stuffers for better diapers.

    The scraps will be easier to smuggle out too.

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