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    I have just come in from a day shifting earth in the garden. I have urge incontinence and put on a Molicare at 10.00 am when I started. 6 hours outside with no need to come indoors, taking off the gardening clobber to go to the loo. A day of bliss, relaxing and peeing when necessary, getting to the stage when it just happened without thought.
    However, when I took the Molicares off, all of the material had fallen into a clump at the bottom of the diaper and the front was clear behind the plastic. I am sure that one more pee would have been a torrent rather than a flood. This was despite wearing a pair of cycle shorts to keep the diaper tucked up. With this, I would be nervous about wearing Molicare out in public for a day.
    I believe that Molicare use wood pulp rather than SAP, is this getting too 'Green' to be fit for purpose and is this common?
    Abema M4's next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tantricfollower View Post
    I believe that Molicare use wood pulp rather than SAP
    they use both in differing quantities, depending upon variant of diaper.
    several manfacturing techniques affect how well the pad holds up to dampness and movement, from how the pad's pulp is laid down, how it's adhered to the surface, what liner is upon that surface, what liners are then placed over the pulp and how, and how much, and what type of glue/resin is used to stick it all together.
    diaper manufacture is pretty simple but, as you can see, there are a good number of variables which can result in different levels of function and durability.

    and just one error, one mis-turn of a knob, one dicky switch or sensor, and a whole batch of hundreds or thousands is affected, often imperceptibly, until use.

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    I wear molicare in public (to school, work, shopping, etc) all the time and have never had an issue with them. They will sometimes clump up after they have been wet for a long time, but why would that make them less discrete? If you don't like clumping, then I recomend avoiding wellness briefs.

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    Forgive my ignorance, but is this thread suggesting that wood pulp (compared to SAP) is what usually causes a diaper to clump?

    I'd never thought of that before...Learn something new everyday I suppose!

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    I use Molicare Maxi pads and I find that they clump with extended wear. And it's not just wetting them either; even if they're still dry I end up having to throw them away after a few hours because all the filler has dropped into a pile in the middle. I do think they use more cellulose and less (if any) sap.

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    I'd say it was a result of the psychical activity of you gardening. Pressure and motion on most any type of wet diaper will eventually cause the contents to shift. The SAP vs pulp ratio has more to do with leakage under pressure or "press out" where a low SAP diaper can leak like wringing out a towel when sitting, rolling over on bending down one with lots will swell up with gel to the bursting point without dribbling.

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    Even high end diapers are not ment to be worn for a long time actively.
    The big overnight one are for bed ridden or chairbound patients.

    Active people tend to wear lighter diapers that are changed more often, thus preventing clumping.

    So I would not complain if that happen. It would be like complaining your Lada don't do 0-100km/h in less than 3 sec. It's not designed for that.

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    Ive had that problem with them myself even sleeping in them they clump and fall apart also i dont think they are near as absorbent as they used to be, Ive worn them on and off for 5-6 years and the absorbancy used to be on par with abena now its kinda lackluster. also molicares used to be thicker today i would probably compare them to a tranquility atn or a abena super(2) i still buy them from time to time hoping that they realized this issue. Maybee one day!

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