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Thread: update on new way to wear diapers at work

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    Default update on new way to wear diapers at work

    This is wild. Having the diaper turned inside out (the first one of a three layer diaper wearing) is so strange. The pad that I talked about earlier has totally filled up. It is sticking well to the area above the balls and tucked down and between my legs and all the way between my cheeks causes the pee to flow down and around the pad (I have it sticky side toward skin - with lots of slits in sticky side). The pee then fills the turned inside out (plastic side toward skin). It becomes like a balloon at first but with all the slits in it the pee flowes fairly fast into the absorbancy material. The fun part is when I then sit back down.

    There is still some pee left between my body and the plastic side of the first layer - that squishes so nicely right into the absorbancy material. The wetness of the pee completely covers my butt and all of the front. This wetness is nice and warm and one keeps feeling the pee leaking into the other diapers.

    I would recomend this so far. Now question is how well will it hold up all day.
    The other question in what will be the impact from having the diaper turned plastic side toward skin and peeing that way on my butt.

    Well I do have cream if it does cause a diaper rash. Never had one of those so far.

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    OMG - this is so insane - I pee in them the pee really forms almost a balloon in the inside out diaper - then leaks slowly thur that into the absorbancy material - what I am having so much fun with is the fact that when i sit down the remaining pee is squished right into the layers below -

    The bulk of this is amazing - I have had this on now for over 6 hours - and have done at least 4 total floodings - still no leaking but there getting so full - and so squishy - love it

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    Another update. I took the pad out that was between the first (turned inside out) diaper. WOW omg that thing was totally and I do mean totally soaked and swollen. The method is working guite well with all the slits i put in the plastic side of the diaper that is next to my skin. The pee is flowing nicely into the absorbant material of the first diaper and has just about filled the second diaper with the two tena pads in it. I am sure that by the time I get home that all three diapers and the two pads will be soaked. What I wonder is will my pants still be dry after the amount I have peed today.

    One pot of coffee before work and now at least 6 cups since I came into work. I still have my nice ice moka to drink and its only 230 pm and I wont be home till close to 5pm - so about another 2 1/2 hours of fun.

    I would recommend this method if you enjoy the wet feeling all over your butt. THIS IS SO COOL. Love it

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