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Thread: trying new way to wear diapers all day at work

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    Default trying new way to wear diapers all day at work

    I decided to try something new. I took a tena overnight pad and made lots of cuts on the sticky side. Next I tucked my penis and then pushed my balls up inside my body. Then I took the pad and put the sticky side against my body - arrangeing it so that it acted as a pressure pack to hold the balls inside and pushed it down between my legs and between my legs and all the way back between my butt cheeks. The effect is that it holds the penis down between the legs, puts pressure on the bladder, and when you let go the pee flows into the slits but also keeps the penis wet so that you are induced to keep peeing due to the wetness.

    Over that I took a depends protection diaper (the one with the plastic outer layer) and cut lots of slits in the plastic outer layer. I put that on then took it off once i had the tabs adjusted to a good fit. Then I turned it inside out and put it back on with the plastic outer layer against my body. Over that I put on a depends maximum absorbancy diaper with two tena over night pads inside - arranged so it has full coverage (both the diaper and the pads have lots and lots of slits in them).

    Finally I put on a depends protection diaper with the plastic outer layer on the outside. Over that I put on a kitchen garbage bag. Then I put on some panties to keep all that super snug against me. Finally I put on plastic pants and have them so they high up and my belt keeps them tightly pullled up between my legs.

    I peed in all that this morning on the way to work. The effect was amazing. The pad kept lots of the mosture around the penis and that caused me to just keep letting go. The pad also with all those diapers on puts nice pressure on the bladder thereby giving that got to release feeling. The pee does pool a bit inside the diaper with the plastic part againt my body but then flows out through the slits.

    I will be wearing this all day. I have finished one pot of coffee so far and have three more large coffees from a local coffee house on my desk. I plan on drinking lots and lots to see how this arrangement works. How it holds up flooding, peeing slowly, and just leaking.

    I will post an update later. I do have to admit that the feeling of the plastic outer layer on my ass and around my hips is guite enjoyable. Yes all that is quite warm but that is also part of the fun for me too.

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    If I was wearing diapers inside-out like that it'd make me sweat and itch like crazy after a few minutes, you must have dinosaur-thick skin to not suffer from that!

    Not to mention the way you squeezed up your private parts... just the thought of doing the same thing to mine makes me wanna cringe!

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    I find so far that the feeling is mainly an increase in warmth. I have had this on now for about 3 hours and it does give one an interesting feeling especially when you stand and just fully empty your bladder. The pad that is stuck to the skin and then tucked is holding the penis down guite nicely. I also find that the pad has fully swollen now so when I sit it puts pressure on the bladder (not to much to hurt but like someone had there hand pressing the area between your balls and belly button firmly). This pressure acts for me to make my body think it is time to go again. I am experienceing nice constant leaking from the penis.

    Also when I have totally emptied my bladder and then sat back down at my desk I can feel the pee being pushed thur the slits into the absorbant side of the diaper. All in all very nice.

    As far as pushing the balls back up inside my body. That does not hurt at all. In fact it makes it actually easier in wearing the diaper. I find the balls are not hanging down and getting pushed around. Instead they tucked up and feel snug and secure. One would have to try it. Guys really it does not hurt. Transexuals have been tucking and doing the pushing of the balls up inside for ages.

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