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Thread: First jobs?

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    I semi-recently just got my first official job, and it made me curious. What kinds of "first jobs" did you guys all have? Were they halfway decent or dreadful? Personally, i think i have a pretty sweet gig. I make more than people i know, and basically just get to do all the laundry/odd jobs for a local Inn. (:

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    well, i grew up in a local business, so the 'officiality' of a job, for me, is work, paid, job done. i don't see anything further to it.
    since you're probably referring to legal, tax-paying jobs, i'd have to say that my first job was working as an order-picker in a warehouse. i'd started there before i'd left school, on a supposedly part-time basis, but this grew into almost full-time as it was paying for my chosen 'sports'.
    being taken on there, officially, as soon as i'd 'officially' left school at 16, was a rude awakening. suddenly, i was subject to the same demands as for adults and, as i soon became fully aware, i'd 'chosen' one of the worst places to work, in terms of productivity demands and treatment of workers. it was the kind of place where, if you felt under the weather, it made more sense to lose a day's pay than to lose your job for not being able to meet the demands.
    of course, this was at the height of Thatcherdom and the trickle-down effect affected not just management style and policy, but also the whole dynamic of relationships, between managers and between them and workers. it got totally ridiculous, with managers becoming ever more demanding, scheming and childish, to the point where they'd concoct OTT claims in order to dismiss those they didn't like. in fact, i'm pretty sure that one bloke was fired just because he looked geeky; being one of the youngest there, they tried to get me to lie, for the record, to make his dismissal more 'legal'.

    it was certainly a good education. but, the education didn't stop there: the inevitable backlash came some years later, when the way the company was run went to the other extreme, leading to it's eventual collapse.
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    I worked by myself in a locked room with bars on the window (which only opened 2cm and was a foot away from the extractor vent from the McDonald's next door. The building was so close that the room was always dimly lit (even in summer), the design of the building meant that it regularly got to over 40 degrees Celsius, and I was surrounded by piles and piles and piles of 50 notes, whilst earning 2.50 an hour counting money and taking phone calls and entering data into a dumb terminal... It was very tedious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    earning 2.50 an hour.
    (not really)
    sums like that always remind of an incident a few years ago when, at a place of my longstanding we'd taken on some fresh faces who had been made redundant from the local mills. they were mostly middle-aged blokes and had come from 'protected', 'jobs for life' kinda thing. upon them discussing pay at various places (bemoaning what they were then getting), i mentioned that not too long ago (before the minimum wage), Job Centres were trying to palm people off into jobs paying 1.25 an hour. they flatly refused to believe me. had to tell 'em, "oi, you're older than me, but you don't know you're born!"

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    Eek, compared to you guys i'm in even more of a sweet place, haha. Wow! I'm lucky.

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    My first fuull time job back in 1958 was in a gas station where I did everything. That was after I graduated from high school. I don't remember for sure
    but I made around $1.25 an hour. When I enlisted in the USAF in 1959 my monthly pay was $85.40 a month. There's really no comparison from then
    till now.

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    My first job was doing yard work for a millionaire violinist, the cheep old @#$ paid $2/hr and worked me like a slave. My first real tax paying job was doing what I do now repairing, designing and building equipment for a foundry only now 35 years later it's for a PM company.

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    I worked 2 summers in high school throwing away tree branches, pulling weeds, hoeing out the sandboxes, raking grass and cleaning classrooms under a Job Training Partnership Act gig. The first, and only time I filled out an application, interviewed and got the job was at a Taco Bell. Spent 3 days washing dishes and 2 days watching beans in a pressure cooker. I clocked out, told some bad jokes to someone and a customer complained. I should sue them for getting me addicted to soda :P

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    My first job out of college was teaching junior high English at a private school outside New York City. It was a boarding school, so I also ran a dorm. In addition to that, I was the music director, and I had several choirs which included a high school touring choir and working on a play. I also taught a music appreciation class, all this for $7400.00 a year. After a year of this, I left and moved to Ohio where I was the accompanist and assistant director to a 3200 membership Methodist Church. The starting salary, 1971, was $6000. Even for 1971, it was at the poverty level. I asked them not to pay me anything, because I could make more if I was on welfare. The gave me a $1000.00 raise out of guilt.

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    My first job was taking over a friend's paper delivery run. I'd spend about 5 hours every weekend delivering junk mail around my neighbourhood. I received a flat rate of $60 per weekend which, as a ten year old, was considered making bank.

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