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Thread: Is everybody incontinent to a certain degree?

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    Default Is everybody incontinent to a certain degree?


    I'm writing this thread because It can happen that I wake up only to find myself lying in a small pool of pee in my bed and this can happen about 10 times every year. Most of the times I am dreaming very much when it occurs.

    It's not a problem for me or anything and it's not that much that comes out either but I wonder if everybody has this sometimes or if 99% of us are "dry" all of the 365 days of the year?

    So are most of us totally "dry" and absolutely never wet the bed or does it happen regularly at least once every year for most of us?

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    I never seem to have this problem unless I am really sick. Although when I am wearing a diaper I will wet without even realizing it sometimes. Especially when I am sleeping. I will wake sometimes and already be going.

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    To some degree, yes. I know that sometimes after using the toilet and pull the underwear back over, sometimes a few drops will escape after and it seems that no matter how much I shake the snake some bit always comes out. That's why we wear underwear. To protect the outer clothing that we wear and protect it from stains.

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    I'd say what you're describing isn't the adult norm. I can only recall one bedwetting incident in my life (there were probably more when I was transitioning out of diapers). Random failures are not unheard of but I wouldn't think they're on the order you're experiencing.

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    What the hell is wrong with y'all. I never wet the bed. Next thing you know people are going to be wearing diapers for fun or something.


    But seriously, I haven't wet the bed in over 10 years.

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    i cant bielive im writing this but oh well here goes.

    i dont normally wet the bed. but one thing is for certain when im really stressed or depressed or worrying about something a huge amount i do wet the bed and when im ill as well. i have on several accasions had an accident when i have been out.

    as embarressing as this is too say. i have messed myself several times because i couldent hold it in while i have been out. and i do on accasion have a little accident now and again but its nothing too serious aymore.

    also when i was little about 4-10 i used to wet the bed every night without fail. even if i didnt drink anything. i still do have an accident on accasion but it is rare.

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    i would say that deep-sleepers and lucid-dreamers are the most likely to have the odd accident (discounting women's issues, of course).
    i'm both of the aforesaid (but not a woman ) and i've had several experiences of shocking myself awake at the realization that i'm dreaming and am about to 'go' where no man has gone before (not in my bloody bed anyway!).
    but, i've always caught myself; and the last time i failed was when i was 16, but i awoke and cut off the flow before it became anymore than a dribble.

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    i have just remembered something odd that sometimes happen wehn i do have an accident when im asleep. i have the so called toilet dream. where i dream im sitting on the toilet having a wee and while im having this dream i actually pee in real life as well. has anyone else had this dream or a similar dream ? this is the first time in a long time i remebered it and am curious to see if i am the only one who has had this so called toilet dream.

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    I guess it happens

    From my childhood until I moved out of my parents place, I used to bedwet like 3 or 4 times a year, always waking up while peeing in already soaked pajamas/shorts/boxers/DIAPERS. Last year I moved to college, started wearing 24/7 and stopped counting the accidents, don't think they are much more frequent, it's just like, "I already chose to wear diapers, why should I care about accidents". xD

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    I must be one of those few people who's never wet the bed. I was about five when my last real daytime accident occurred, though there's been times I leaked a tiny bit, like while laughing.

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