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Thread: Taping diapers (abena in this case)

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    Default Taping diapers (abena in this case)

    From what I have seen, most everyone tapes across? What about this approach? ABENA - P

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    I have heard of that from this site before, somewhere, but never tried it until now. Feels good. Thank you for sharing!

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    I just ordered two packs of abenas just a couple hours ago! I'm going to try this when I get them!

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    Wish the plastic version was still available in the UK somehow.

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    it looks like you angle the top taps down and angle the bottom tapes up

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    That looks great for the rounder butt and slim waist of the female form but not for a slightly beer bellyed man like me. I have tried the up-down taping the package suggests but not crossed over like in the video and I find a slight upwards angle on the lower tapes with the waist horizontal works best for me in the M-4s. I'll have to try that some time but notice she had the long lost X-Plus in large with waist band features the -4 series and Air-Plus lack.

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    I have also done this with my bambino diapers and they work great! The bottom two tapes angel up just little and the top tapes straight across the diaper. I get a good fit this way. I also tape the same way on the dry 24/7 diapers too.

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