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Thread: Putting on a diaper better

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    Default Putting on a diaper better

    Whenever I put my diaper on it always seems the tapes are always positioned more to the right...the diaper is not centered. Any advice on this?

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    I find that I too have a similar issue when/after taping myself up, that there is a mis-alignment. For me, its nothing but a minor annoyance and doesn't really have an effect on the diaper's efficacy. Obviously you could try re-aligning your body slightly differently in the diaper when first positioning it in order to compensate being "righted". thing to consider is that it is YOUR body that is crooked. For example, after seeing a chiropractor, I know that my pelvis is raised on the right side. And this affects the way the diaper sits on my body. It isn't the diaper that is manufactured wrong lol.

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    I lay my diaper out flat and try to get all the wrinkles out first. Then I lay down and try to center it front/back left/right and tape the bottom ones first then the tops. The I stand up in front of a mirror and readjust the tapes. Diapers with reattachable tapes are the best!

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    I found when I started putting a diaper on by standing, holding the back in place by leaning against a wall or door, I could control the alignment more easily.

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    I always diaper while standing, and holding the back in place on a wall. Laying down...well, how do you see what you are doing? If you are laying down and diapering, I'm not surprised it's crooked!

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    I use the folds in the diaper as guides. You can usually see where the diapers' front wings were folded after production, if you keep the tabs approximately the same distance from that fold you end up with a more symmetrical placement.

    Otherwise it just takes practice, I've been doing it for years now so I've kinda learned from experience.

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    I have the same problem! It gets to be annoying at times! I usually end up adjusting it until it fits right.

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    I find standing better as well and notice where the lower right fits up near the padding line and try to mirror that spot when doing the left, then do the same for the upper tapes.

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    It's just because there's an elastic part which tightens and stretches out!
    I dont know the way to proceed, I adjust one tap, then the second, and after I strech out and readjust the first tape.
    So me I prefer pull-ups! no tapes, no adjustment!

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    i have this problem to, its really frustrating.

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