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    I found some really cool bedding on this website.

    Since I'm more of a LB rather than an AB, this stuff has a lot more appeal to me than a standard crib or something. It's also been great to look at different room ideas and figure out how I want my room to look. I've been surfing the web for bedding and room decor ideas now.

    If I could get my hands on some of this bedding:
    Trains Airplanes Firetrucks Boys Bedding Twin Full Queen Comforter Set by Olive Kids
    I would probably be on

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    very cute! would add an adorable touch to any AB's room! Plus with something like a bedset, you can always pack them up in the closet without having to worry much about people rummaging through it.

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    That's a good selection for any LB's or LG's room.

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    That's a really nice looking bedding set. I have Thomas The Tank Engine and Lion King bedding but I'm looking at getting some more generic little bedding in the near future. I've heard that Ikea sell some childish double bedding sets...

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    dammit i want that too. when i saw the picture i let out a little yaaaay of glee haha. now i have to find a way to get that in a double bed size. it would be perfect.i too am more of an lb i think than an ab. i admit i still have a thing for my paci and my teddies. but im not huge on the bottles thing. however i do like the childish clothing items like the onsies and sleeper things from babypants lol. now i think about it im not actualy sure what i am of the two. maybe im a bit of both possibley ?

    is that even possible ? to be part AB and part LB ?

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    That one looks good, but it's really good that they had other choices for people to choose from. Because I honestly prefer this one instead:
    Nautical Boats Toddler Boy Comforter Bedding 5pc Bed in a Bag Set

    It just feels like something I would sleep in regressed or something.

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    It would make a nice add on to my future AB room. Thanks for the link. I wish the tread count would be higher to make the sheets softer.

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    Totally in love with it. Cant decide whether to get the fire trucks or princess one lol

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    Cute.... after browsing on that site.... now I want this... cute girly bedding.... it has everything I like.... pink, purple, butterflies, hearts, flowers... adorable!

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