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Thread: Liners for Adult Terry Nappies in the uk

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    Default Liners for Adult Terry Nappies in the uk

    Can anyone recommend a place to get liners for adult terry nappies in the uk.
    I have searched everywhere online but to no avail.

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    yep! they're available as 'frost protection fleece' from any DIY/gardening shop (B&Q is usally the easiest).
    B&Q Plant Protection Fleece 7m x 1.5m, 0000003713211

    i prefer the ones on a roll (just cut off the length needed - nice and neat),
    Frost Protection Fleece Roll 8m x 1 5m
    these are also available at Range and may be on 'special offer', now.

    see post:

    don't worry that it's not branded as 'nappy liners', it's the same stuff. the synthetics (non-woven materials) industry spend most of their time finding purposes for their products, rather than developing a product for a purpose.

    p.s. ignore the prices on those websites, it's available at much lower prices, online and locally.

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