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    The real problem is USA not having public healthcare. Here in Italy as in any country where the healthcare is mainly public no one would have to go through the shame of begging for other people's sympathy to have their medical condition fixed and in the meantime watch their issues evolve to such proportions just because the procedure is very expensive.

    Here getting treatment for a medical condition is simply a right that any citizen has.

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    Wow. It's a disgrace that the wealthiest nation on earth leaves its citizens to suffer in pain like that and beg for charity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Wow. It's a disgrace that the wealthiest nation on earth leaves its citizens to suffer in pain like that and beg for charity.
    The country would rather spend money on everything and everyone else besides it's own people. It's really true. They would rather spend billions in aid to other countries and spend millions of dollars for other stupid reasons. What does the country do to try to fix the budget crisis? They cut all of the programs that actually helps it's people. While I know they're people who abuse these systems, the government doesn't have any preventative measures to try and stop these people.

    All of the school programs have experienced tremendous budget cuts. Elder care has gone through a lot of cuts as well. It's really shocking that the government could go through all of this money from the future disregarding future generations of people and the people who worked all of their lives to make a living helping to build this country just get spit in the face by the government.

    It is quite sad.

    The movie "Idiocracy" seemed far fetched, but as time goes on, its seeming to be no do out there after all.

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    The poor guy was offered the procedure for free from willing doctors but didn't want to take the risk of maybe bleeding to death, a side effect of the surgery. He eventuall was convinced by some docs t get the procedure and is on his way to recovery.

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    here in england we have the option for public or private procedures. normally you would go see a dr or a gp and tell him/her what the problem is and if he/she thought it warranted surgey he would book you in to see someone and then that person would do the operation and the you would be all better afterwards. none of this fasical begging people to help him to get it removed.

    i find this a complete joke. in the sence of the traumer this man went through to get help that he should have been intitled to from the begining.

    however i am happy to hear that the surgey was successfull and his life will be a whole lot better now.

    well done to the people who put their time in to help him out of the goodness of their hearts. big shout out to you.
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