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Thread: How did everyone work up the courage to buy diapers for themselves?

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    Default How did everyone work up the courage to buy diapers for themselves?

    I have gone into stores multiple times with the intention of buying diapers, but I always seem to psych myself out before I pick them up. I mean it should be no big deal because I was a cashier before I could tell you that the cashier doesn't care what someone is checking out and they will probably forget about it before too long. I checked out adult diapers to people before and didn't have a second thought, but for some reason I still have it in my head that I would be being judged or something for buying them. And the people in the store don't really care either they are just there to get their stuff and I know that so I don't understand why I can't buy them.
    I think I kind of have a sort of love-hate relationship with diapers. I love the feeling of them, but I hate the fact that I am so different from so many people. So I just want to know how I can finally end up buying diapers? It would be nice to hear how others first got the courage so that maybe I can too.

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    While I've never purchased diapers, I used to (and still sometimes do) get nervous buying pacifiers. But I generally have an "I Don't Care What Other People Think'' attitude, which is very useful for everyone but especially for ab/ dl's. I usually would buy them only with other items, but one time I had to go to PetCo, and Babies R Us is right next door, and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to browse through the pacis and buy a pack. Though I generally dislike browsing while other people are in the aisle.

    So in conclusion, sometimes you just have to do something unpleasant to get what you want. It may not be fun buying them, but think about how great it will be after you get home!

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    The first time I ever bought diapers from a store I went really late to a 24/7 albertsons and I went wearing clothes that people I knew wouldn't recognize me in. I even put my hair up and hid it in the hood of the sweatshirt I was wearing. It still took a lot of courage though. Especially because I was buying girls goodnites.

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    My first time I just went to a store between my parent's house and my dorm. I knew I'd be alone so I stopped at a a store and grabbed a pack of goodnites. I was nervous as hell but I got through it and enjoyed my first foray into diapers!

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    my first time, i walked over to the diapers, stood near them staring at what was beside them and kept on looking just with my eyes at which ones i was going to grab. Would stand there for probably over 20 minutes, and eventually just grab them and go to the counter because I was sick of standing there. I went to the counter and this 2 girls were serving me and one of them nudged her mate and gave the look like "this freaks buying diapers!" she apologised when i gave her a long ass stare.

    i still sometimes do this, but probably only about a 5 minute wait till i got the courage to do so.

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    My first time (which I believe I described somewhere on here before) was absolutely horrible! I went in with the intention of buying goodnites since I heard they were decent, I was (and still sort of am) big into pull ups, and I didn't have the courage to try and buy adult size nappies for quite a while. Anyway, I was a junior in high school and it was finals week which meant that I got to go home at around 12 or 12:30. I figured that would be the perfect time to go since most people would be at work and the middle school and elementary school kids would still be in school. Now I didn't have a license, car, or even bike to take to the Walgreen's in my town so it would be a 10 minute walk which, to me, would be horrible to have to walk that far case of diapers in hand. Cashiers may not judge, but other kids my age might.

    So I went in the store and felt sick to my stomach. The walk over was unbearable and I couldn't stand the thought of walking back but I was determined not to go back empty handed. Looking back there was really next to no one in the store so I guess my previous assumptions held true. I didn't want to immediately walk over to the nappy section since, well, I really don't know now that I think back to the occasion. When I finally got there, I whipped out my phone and pretended to text someone. Hey, if I was going to get caught, I would be caught on some sort of errand set forth by my parents! Yes, silly, I know.

    Well I scanned the shelves to find my target (which I had previously looked up online to make my excursion as quick and painless as possible) and seemed to find it so I quickly grabbed a pack of the larger size and quickly hustled my way over to the registers. I don't really remember if there was a line or not in front of me but I am certain that no one was behind me. Thank God for that bit at least because I would hate for anyone to see my brilliant exchange with the cashier.

    The operator at the register was a middle aged woman who smiled and greeted me. She looked at the nappies and began to drag them across the scanner. Now my incredibly smart first thought was, "oh my god, she is judging me on the inside, I can already see it... I must divert the attention toward something, ANYTHING!" The incredible irony of all this is that I can not remember any other instance in my life since my middle school days when I have in the least bit cared about what someone thinks of me but, for whatever reason, this was much much different. So what did my only slightly younger self brilliantly devise to redirect the unwanted attention? The exchange went something like the following:

    Me: "Do you hate your parents?" Now I am sure you can see where I was trying to go with this but I really failed to consider the following retort,
    Cashier: "My parents are dead." *Dead serious face* I freeze and feel like an asshole on the inside. *Woman smiles*
    "Why? Do your parents make you do things"

    This re encouraged me ever so slightly and I regained my composure, pointed to the nappies and said "obviously." At this point she kind of half laughed and I went about the rest of my day. When I got home I realized that nappies I had so "triumphantly" purchased were really the Walgreen's store brand pull ups for bed wetting kids. Not bad, but not goodnites.

    Since then, I have learned to NEVER talk to cashiers for fearing of stupid exchanges and drawing more attention. I also don't really care as much about cashiers since with time and experience you kind of stop caring. I still find it to be a chore but I no longer fear and dread buying nappies.

    If you are still very nervous, try going to a thrift store. There are some incredible finds in those places and they are almost always empty and are almost a sure fire guarantee that you won't run into any one you might know. Also cashiers at those places seem to be bored most of the time so a person walking in and completing a simple exchange is kind of something of an enjoyable situation that breaks their monotonous situation enough that they won't even notice what you are buying.

    All in all you will get used to doing this over time. If you still feel bad, remember, it can not be worse than my first time!


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    I had easy access to cloth baby diapers throughout my childhood, but became increasingly curious about disposables until, at age 13 (back in 1989), I took my allowance money and hiked to the supermarket to buy Pampers. An act of courage? Hardly! More like my diaper-lust had simply escaped control! I was afraid, but I really couldn't stop myself.

    I bought Pampers for Her (i.e., for girls) figuring that "nobody will think these girl diapers are for me! Ha-haaa!!" Of course, nobody in the store would have thought that any Pampers were for me, but such is the irrational fear of a young boy suffering from a severe case of hormone poisoning. I carried the diapers home in a brown paper bag and had a lot of fun with them over the following weeks. After that first time, buying diapers seemed like no big deal, and by the end of that year I'd surely tried every variety of Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs available!

    I did have one major scare after that first diaper purchase, however. After wearing one of the diapers and hiding the rest, I returned to my bedroom later in the day to find it smelling very strongly of Pampers. I can't remember exactly what I did, but I expect it involved double- or triple-bagging them, opening my window, ... praying... etc. That was a new lesson in keeping a diaper stash: Sometimes, "out of sight" isn't enough!

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    Lol the first time i bought diaper's i skipped school and drove 25 miles to another town than went to a tiny pharmacy that was tucked away a bit and ran buy old people but still nearly died of embarrassment. Now i just buy them online, but i did do that run a couple of times before i didn't care and would just buy them from the local Walgreen's.

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    After class one day, when I had some other stuff I was out shopping for, I decided that I would give it a shot and also stop at CVS and finally pick up some diapers. When I went in it was almost deserted except for some old lady. I went to the diaper aisle and started looking over the shelves for what I had predetermined that I wanted. Wouldn't you know it, the old lady starts to walk right down the aisle beside me. I had been relatively calm and collected up to that point, but started getting nervous. I then mumbled something along the lines of "I think these are the ones he needs" loud enough for her to hear as I pulled out the pack of diapers, which was pretty large. As I carried it to the front I thought to myself 'Am I really doing this?'. Checkout was no problem. Took them out, put them in my trunk, and drove home.

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    I'm prone to doing plenty of stupid things, I have strong impulses that I don't know how to fight.. at all. My house is full of stuff I've bought on impulse!

    Though to be honest, I'm usually happy with it. This is another one of those things. I just saw a pair of GoodNites for girls and I just had to have them. ^_^

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