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    I saturated a Tena Maxi today and laid down for a nap where I soaked it some more. No leaks! But when I got up I had a back ache, maybe from the wet diaper bulge and sleeping in a weird position? Anyone else ever have a similar problem?

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    It's a strain on the kidneys overindulging on caffeine, but I've got muscles tweaked from motorcycle accidents and other injuries that flare up occasionally, that's what usually happens when I get them. Lately I'll wake up with numb arms or a kink in a shoulder that doesn't go away for 3 days. It was probably the weird sleeping position. BTW that Tom 'n' Jerry avatar makes me LOL

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    I haven't had that happen to me and sleep in a diaper all the time. I sleep in a bed. I could see it happening if I did on a couch.

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    not with a skimpy dispie, but i've had similar problems with bulky trads.

    must be hard work being a baby

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    Is your mattress perhaps too hard?

    That's the only thing, which comes up my mind, since if you don't weight more, but got a more bulky rear part, it's possible that you're lying kinda awkward in your bed, if it's not soft enough ;)
    And you mentioned, that you had a weird sleeping position.

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    I get low back soreness when I sleep in diaper, but I double layer a cloth night weight diaper.

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    I'm 53, building a stone at home wall and work a psychically demanding job so I almost always wake up with back pain but as I always wake up diapered I have occasionally wondered if their related.

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    This morning I found myself straining to wet while horizontal and I wondered about that as well. As it's been said before, relax and it will happen.

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    I came home from the hospital on Thursday, following back surgery on Wednesday. I had a cyst growing and pushing against the nerves. Backaches are usually caused by a back related problem. Sleeping positions exacerbates the condition. You can also get a backache from strained or stressed muscles. That can cause them to tighten and cause pain. Arthritis is another major contributor to back pain. Probably the most common cause is a bulging disk.

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