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Thread: peeing in the car while driving - and working toward just not even realizing you are peeing or leaking

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    Default peeing in the car while driving - and working toward just not even realizing you are peeing or leaking

    I have been working on just being able to not have to stand to pee in my diaper. I posted a few things in the past about my progress in becoming able to just not notice when I peed. Having on a diaper and standing and just letting it flow is not really that difficult for me. However I have had difficulty in doing the following:
    1. Letting it flow when sitting at my desk at work.
    2. Being able to just pee while driving
    3 Being able to pee when laying on the couch or in bed.
    4. Being able to just go when at home with family and sitting on the couch.

    The trick I found that has helped the most has been a change in mental thought. I now do my best to not think about wanting to go just to relax. I finally mentally got to the point where I do not worry about an accident or the leaking if it happen. One thing that helped in the not worrying department was to over diaper. Yes this is over kill and yes it is super bulky. Today I have on two overnight diapers with two tena overnight pads inside each of them (all have lots of slits so pee will go from one to the next), then a depends (can only get store brands so far) protection three tab - plastic outer diaper. Over all that I have on a kitchen garbage bad with holes cut out for legs (they fit like petty pants or tight bike shorts) and plastic pants. That arrangement mentally makes me realize I could pore water down inside and more than likely would not leak. So it give confidence.

    The other thing is relaxing - feeling the pee just flow down the urethra and the wetness as it comes out.

    This morning I put on diapers early about 4am and then lay down on the couch. I had a full bladder at that point. I kind of dozed off a bit and actually woke up and found that I had manage to leak a lot into my diaper. Then while sitting at my desk the pee continued to just leak, no pushing, no trying, just enjoying the flow.

    Now what I did find amazing was on the way to work. I was not even thinking about diapers, peeing, or anything just the road and next thing i knew I was peeing a steady flow, just as if I was in the bathroom on the toliet. I just about shouted with joy.

    Now here at work I have my three cups of coffee and sitting her I am feeling a constant dripping and sometimes flowing - the feeling is so strange - yet god so good.

    One thing I will say is don't try to rush things. Your body will respond and you will mentally change at some point. When that point happens you will find the enjoyment I am feeling now. Just relax, relax, relax - let it happen - pretend your body is butter and it is a warm day and your melting - totally relaxing into a pool of liquid.

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    I have one question; based on your user-name I am assuming you're female, am I correct in that assumption?

    If you have female "plumbing" you will find it much more difficult to pee sitting on a chair simply because you're putting pressure on the urethra and blocking it somewhat. I'm fully incontinent and have no bladder control whatsoever, and even with no control I very rarely wet whilst sitting on a chair. Then when I stand up and the pressure is off, out it all comes. You may need to sit in a more relaxed, leaning-back position.

    Of course if you have male plumbing, you can totally ignore all of this.

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    I find that with male parts driving is the hardest time; something about that seated position puts pressure in just the right spot to make it almost painful to go since it doesn't actually go out.

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    Male plumbing here too and I find it very difficult to release while seated in a car. Standing, easy. Lying down, it's become much easier. Even sitting or especially slouching in other chairs, hard but doable. Car seat is just the perfect position to cut off flow and, yes, even cause pain when my bladder is full because it just doesn't want to come out.

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    Odd I actually find it easier to let myself pee myself when I'm sitting than when I'm laying down. Standing is obviously the easy one but sitting is next it helps if you sit up straight, slouching will definitely make it harder.

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