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Thread: CISPA Killed by the Senate

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    Default CISPA Killed by the Senate

    CISPA killed by the Senate - YouTube

    Victory for the internets, for now... What are your feelings on this?

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    Knew it wasn't going to get past the Senate and Obama was threatening veto over this thing. Some of my friends who are libertarian-leaning were saying that Obama was going to force this through like he supposedly did with the so-called indefinite detention thing with the NDAA and not veto this. I am glad to see CISPA stopped for now.

    It's nice to see CISPA stopped like SOPA and PIPA. Hopefully, people will become aware more and learn more about things that threaten American privacy. I'm only aware of CISPA because of my libertarian-leaning friends whilst I am more on the opposite spectrum of things.


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    As somebody who makes sure to keep a close eye on all these kinds of online privacy acts, I am really happy to see this get shelved and "killed" again like it's predecessors before it.

    Lord knows we don't need any privacy acts interfering with what we can or cannot browse online. Now if only the US government can learn that for themselves.

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