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Thread: A new adult baby is born!

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    Question A new adult baby is born!

    Hi everyone! i have just recently learned that there is a large community of fellow adult babies. And I thought i was alone for so long?!

    Do all you guys use cloth or disposable diapers? Which do you think is the best? Trying to be eco-friendly but also comfortable and avoid chafing, etc...

    My job keeps me up on my feet most of the day so the diaper has to be able to stay in place and not cause any rash or discomfort. What does everyone think?

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    Hi, and welcome to our community. I know what its like to be alone for so long. I had this weird thing about me for years and hated being like this because its so weird.

    If you just discovered the Adult Baby world. You should probably get some AB themed diapers that are usually better all around than the stuff you buy in store.

    Coming here makes it happier to mingle with others like us. Its fun to experiment and talk about AB related things. I just hope you enjoy yourself and not be a stranger. You should check out you'll find some of the cutest, most functional adult diapers out there.

    Also we tend to be perfectionists with diapers. Having a properly taped diaper will prevent looseness and improve fit dramatically. We have an article in our articles section about how to properly tape a should definitely look it up. Check out and get your self a onesie. They'll help you to keep your diaper from sagging and stay put while doing your daily things.

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    Well hi there, that is quite the question you have thrown out there. There are several long discussions on cloth vs disposable. Both are good for different purposes and it is really up to you to decide which will best fit your needs.

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    Thanks for the responses, everyone! I'll def check out the suggestions

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    Movies, weird music, drums... right there is plenty of fodder for discussion; would you care to elaborate?

    As to cloth and plastic pants, there's reams of information on this site: I suggest looking over the Adult Baby forum, and Diaper Talk, and making threads there. If you can give us a bit more to go on I am sure you'll get your curiosity satisfied and your wardrobe expanded!

    No, but really, what sort of weird music? Industrial? Buddhist metal? 20th century classical or avant garde? Some sort of ethnic stuff?

    We here are already a bit of an alternative crowd: my betting is we have fellow enthusiasts of whatever music you're into. By the way as far as drums go, I find the Bodhran really cool though I don't play it. It's usually used in Celtic music, some are tunable, and all can vary the pitch, controlled by the hand that isn't doing the drumming.

    Here is one of the world's most famous bodhran players, doing an extended solo, and one of the funniest bits of drumming I've seen in a while.

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    i dont know about anyone else but i enoyed listening to this. but i do kinda like drum n bass music as well as heavy metal and rock lol.

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    Hey I was just wondering if you were "out" to anyone besides people on this site, and if so, wondering how that was for you. I'm having to move back in with my parents in a few days, and I was debating whether i should tell them about my whole "adult baby" thing. Do you think i should try to keep it secret and hide it for the time being, or be open and tell them? They are very loving people, but this is still really weird. Let me know what you think

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    Hello BabyJujuBabbles and welcome to adisc.

    Maybe you should put up a new thread for your question. A lot more people will look into it this way. On the other hand you could also use the search, this has been discussed a lot, so I guess you'll surely find a pleasing answer.
    Nonetheless, my advice is, keep it to yourself, it's something quite private ;), but it's just my honest opinion.

    Anyway, maybe you'd still like to tell us a little bit about your nonabdl interests? Raccoon gave you already a really nice message about your interest about "weird" music, which you mentioned in your profile.

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    hey thanks for the responses, everyone. Sorry i havent been able to check the site in a few days because of moving and everything. i will try to update soon.

    - - - Updated - - -

    As per music, I'm really into this band the National, even though that might not be too weird, I guess.

    I also really love country music (a lot of people where I'm from think that's weird anyway) especially John Pine (although he is kind of obscure, I guess). And a lot of traditional blue-grass music.

    Strangely, I am also into rap and hip-hop, for example DMX and Ludacris. I've also tried to integrate them in my own personal playing, but to little success, as of now haha.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I'm glad to see somebody else whose into cloth diapers. I myself wear dependeco AIO's and plastic pants for overnight.
    I also like country music but my preference is from the 60's and 70's. I also like baseball and NASCAR. I like the Texas Rangers.

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