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Thread: hi! my name is Katana, I am a cross dresser/ sissy closeted since I can rember

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    Default hi! my name is Katana, I am a cross dresser/ sissy closeted since I can rember

    I rember wearing white T strap shoes wen I was 4. I had been cross dressing at that age but I dont think it was sexual then by the age of 11 it did. an almost 30 yrs later here I am, just bought PCV pants with a satin on the outside an ruffles on the back, wearing them as I write this, I have to go to the fabric store an by :? somthing eye? birds eye cotton I think its diaper cloth. I am buying a few yards of it making my own diapers, I bought a sewing machine a while back it has a embroidering function I can take images from the internet an feed it into it. Ima make some cute diapers.

    I have been into diapers for so long an in the closet bout it for soo long its first nature to hide it. even more then my cd side of me, that I have always been shoppin for clothes. I dont know if this site has pics, but at mocospace im x.kp1.x I hav over 200 pics of my clothes. I had diaper pics at diaperspace but that site crashed I had a kewl profile there, alot of blogs, since my pc crashed I lost original copies. totally pouts

    so I have been all over the internet looking for a place I can let my secret identity that I kept soo guarded all my life, had a confusing life but it worked out in a twisted way. ( kinda not want to fill in the details) purfur to keep my dark secrets.

    so I own a house on the west side of town, not a monster house, just 2400sq ft bungalo with basement double garage, a red honda accord '03 an a red92 3/4ton HD chev silverado, I wrote these specs wen I was 13. I wanted this house a red honda accord an a chev truck. I found that list in my desk that held treasures from long ago, carried through so many group homes.

    I went to collage for busness admin. but dropped out to take care of a friend an his wife, I been doing chores for em for a while an then I did home care, it was full time with benifits. I got to travel, been to Mazatlan', an Cancun Mexico, Sasua Dominican Republic, Veradero Cuba, Havana, been to Alaska Yukon, all over British Columbia camping, young adult hood was a mix of good an bad, living in a racist town hard to get a job, but always had 2 or 3 at a time I avoid down town stick to the snobby pub close to home they knew me by name an always had a martini chilling as soon as they seen me.

    Im going to be 40 next month.

    I went from rags, living on welfare to fostercare to doing home care, to owning a home lower middle class work hard enjoy life, an slowly opening up.....

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    Man, you got some skills, and some history, been around the block a few times eh? I am an Albertan, I am oldfur, dl, ... but you will find oodles of folks into rhumba panties, pretty in pink pvc types, lots of them across this site.

    If anywhere online can be trusted to keep your secrets it's here. Yeah I don't know what happened to d-space except that it's impossible to sign on... Adisc is quite different from DD... well go there and you'll see what I mean. I can't call them a bad site, they have their adherents as we do, but we pride ourselves on caring about more than simply a person's ab life or what they are after as a dl. Nice to have you aboard.

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    Welcome Purbrat. That is a very interesting intro. I will look forward to talking to you about your travels.

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