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Thread: Thumb Sucking vs Pacifier Sucking

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    Default Thumb Sucking vs Pacifier Sucking

    As the title of this thread suggests, If you had a personal choice between sucking on your thumb or sucking on a pacifier, which would you have to choose?

    I myself am pretty on the fence about it, choosing to go for both if I had the option to. But if I were forced to choose I would honestly have to go with sucking my thumb.

    I guess it's because I have fond memories of sucking on my thumb as opposed to sucking on a pacifier as a baby so it helps with regressing plus I guess it helps that it feels a lot more natural when I have it in my mouth, only problem is that my teeth make it kind of awkward when I do end up sucking on it.

    But what do you guys and galls personally prefer to suck on?

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    I suck my thumb occasionally but love to have my pacifier and suck on it. I have one in my car that I use we hen I drive and one for bedtime.

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    I started out thumb sucking at 15, but the next year I got a paci, and it's what I sleep with and generally prefer. My mother tells me I used a paci a lot as a baby and didn't suck my thumb, so that could have something to do with it. Plus, I like the feel of the shield against my mouth.

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    Your thumb is going to be hard on your teeth. The pacifier is a lot easier on teeth in comparison (if they do any damage at all.) So if you have a choice I'd suggest pacifiers based on that. I was a lifelong thumbsucker and I wish I had pacifiers when I was a baby instead!! I'm trying now to switch to the pacifier completely and it's harder than when I quit smoking.

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    I use my paci all the time when I slleep. Not to often during the day.

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    Pacifier. All the joys of thumb sucking and I get to keep both my hands free.

    The only advantage I can think of in defense of thumb sucking is that it's much easier to misplace a pacifier than a thumb.

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    I like to chew a bit on my paci so it kinda hurts to suck on my thumb. And, as galacticsushiman said, I like to have my hands free. Plus, how could you not love those awesome designs on your favorite paci? I don't want to paint my hand every time I want to suck my thumb lol.

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    I vote pacifier. I never sucked either as a kid, so I don't really have a nostalgic preference, and I like having my hands free. I also just think the pacifier feels better in my mouth, too.

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    I'm a lifelong thumbsucker, so I vote for thumb!

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    I really do love to relax with my paci, but when it comes down to it when I'm in the zone, it my thumb hands down. As others have said the paci is convenient and it is also a really cute babyish accessory.

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