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Thread: Megacare line premium vs tena slip maxi

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    Default Megacare line premium vs tena slip maxi

    What do you suggest?

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    I thought Mega CareLine was out of business. Did you find some of their diapers somewhere?

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    Yes size large st XP. Great price but I have no idea how they compare??

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    I've never tried them- but the reviews are very mixed. DailyDi has a review page- but they range from awful to amazing. It's tough from user to user, cause you have no idea the specturm of padding they've tried.

    Anyhow, a quick google search says they're purple/pink in color and 'average' for premium diaper prices.

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    I made up my mind and ordered the tena slips! Will have to post a reply when they arrive.

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    Well I got my tena slips! Should've ordered mediums though:-( the larges fit but come up pretty high in the front and back. Overall pretty good diaper.......I'll try to maybe fold the front down on the next wearing.

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