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Thread: I'm new to the Little Girl area of this whole thing

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    Default I'm new to the Little Girl area of this whole thing

    And I'm absolutely lost as to who I am anymore. I don't know how to explain how I feel, and I'm starting to scare myself with all these crazy emotions. I just really need someone to talk to, perhaps even walk with me through this transition in my life? I just want to be a 5 year old again in a poofy dress and playing with my horses. But that's not socially acceptable. I don't know what else to do, really.. Any advice as to what I should do? I'm a 19 y.o biological female, and I'm really freaked out as to what I should do.

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    Hey ya PrincessHarbor,

    uhm, where do I start... at first welcome to ADISC of course, since this is your first post.
    I guess in the beginning it's kinda normal, that these thoughts and things trouble you. Don't bother too much.

    Surely it's hardly social acceptable, but what is already? Don't mind it too much, try to enjoy it. You're not hurting anyone and you're anyway doing this in private. And it's no one's concern what you do in your private time, you should remember that !

    Just take it slow, and try what you want to try from time to time. There are a lot of articles about this, if I remember correctly. But if you rather want to get message for yourself or got specific questions, just ask, as you did. Everyone is always willing to help, since this is a support community and we're all in the same boat.

    edit: and maybe this should be put into introductions ^_-
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    Welcome, PrincessHarbor!

    I know what that's like, feeling like your desires aren't acceptable. I get the desire to wear pretty dresses and play - and I'm a guy, so clearly I'm not socially acceptable! But think a bit about what "acceptable" means. Acceptable to society? Well, who says they have to know? It's ok to do what you're talking about - you're not hurting anyone. So don't let others dictate whether your desires are ok.

    And yes, it's different, but look around this website. Thousands of people want the same thing (or similar) as you. And we're all willing to talk and support you. We're quite a crew here, and we're all seeking the same thing: peace and acceptance from self and others. And I, for one, am very glad you're here! The more the merrier!

    If you want to revisit childhood in your own special way, give it a try. Don't go further than you're comfortable with, but try doing some of the things you'd like to. See how you feel. I bet you'll really enjoy it! Your desires are surprisingly common and there's nothing wrong with what you want.

    And if you ever want to talk, I'm here, as are lots of others. Welcome to ADISC; hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Hey PrincessHarbor!

    The two lovely people above me have said bunches of good advice, and I guess I have a little of my own. Something 've found is just to sprinkle the 5 year old in your every day. There actually is lots of socially acceptable ways to do so. This is the stuff that works for me and won't probably work for you, but maybe it might inspire you a little?

    For starters, I openly like dolls. I find that this is pretty acceptable, people don't mind. I buy Lalaloopsy and Strawberry Shortcake dolls and tell people about it, dolls have become pretty acceptable for any age to buy. With you, perhaps your horses or your ponies or whatever? Lolita fashion, sweet or gothic, is a great way of mixing acceptable older age fashion and a bit of childish innocence into it. I let myself show my excitement for little things, even things like just little treats. I treat myself with little things, and let myself wear bright, frilly, colorful, things. Perhaps a little tiara or something..

    I think the main point to just let yourself express the little girl stuff. Start small, and let it sprinkle in your day. Don't pressure yourself to go all into it all at once or anything. Have some fun!

    I dunno though, that might not help. I really want to help though.

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    Your a freaking weirdo! why? Not because you have these feelings, but because you can express them. Feels good to be a weirdo eh? Welcome to the club newly enlightened one!

    If that really didn't make much sense to you, well, your not alone there either :P

    What I am really getting at here is that you are learning a lot of new things about yourself, and a scared/confused/unsure reaction is completely healthy and normal. You will find that before too long it will all become old hat. You will find that even though you have an odd spot, you as a whole are still a useful normal person.

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