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Thread: Nintendo will not be having a major press conference at E3 2013

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    Default Nintendo will not be having a major press conference at E3 2013

    Nintendo Will Not Host a Traditional Large-Scale Presentation at E3 This Year | GenGAME Gonna be an interesting E3 this year then...

    What are your thoughts on all of this? Maybe money? Nothing ready to show perhaps?

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    Admittedly, I am pretty sad. I was looking forward to some news about possibly new Nintendo titles, maybe a resurgence of a fan favourite like Star Fox

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    Chances are we'll probably get a MAJOR Nintendo Direct for both Wii U and 3DS at some point in May where new installments in Nintendo's existing franchises will be shown off

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    I think it has to do with preventing stupid shit like this.

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    I think it's just because they've been doing those Nintendo Direct things. They want people to watch those, and they believe those are good enough. They've been announcing everything they could possibly be holding onto for E3 with those, so I doubt they have much to show.

    I imagine we'll get something, but pretty much more of what we get with those Direct livestream things. Just a little thing. Nintendo is too cool for E3, I guess.

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    Considering that Nintendo is bringing out almost weekly announcements via Nintendo Direct, it's a high possibility that Nintendo will probably have some of their more desirable ones at E3 this year (if there is even ONE New Super Mario Brothers game in there I shall flip every table within a thousand mile radius), my monies on a new Starfox or a new Metroid game.

    Also, the stuff they've been announcing recently almost sounds like their roundup for E3 anyway, I mean Link to the Past 3DS, Mario Party 3DS, Yoshi's Island 3DS, you name it.

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    Maybe they're just THAT confident in themselves =P.

    Maybe they've found doing a large scale conference doesn't help them much? I don't know, but it's certainly interesting never the less.

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