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Thread: Tough mudder in a diaper

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    Default Tough mudder in a diaper

    Has anyone did a tough mudder in a diaper?

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    A tough mudder you say?

    Well I think you'd just get super dehydrated doing it so I'd leave the diapers out of it!

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    Hahaha! I always see marathoners in diapers!

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    Was at the one in Austin last weekend and don't think I could even imagine doing it in a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperlitegreen View Post
    Hahaha! I always see marathoners in diapers!
    Pics or it didn't happen

    I wouldn't imagine diapers as the most comfortable kind of underwear for running 42,195 km, although I remember seeing online the pictures of a runner with a bad case of the runs (no pun intended... xD) who could have definitely benefited from some kind of padding.

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