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    Anyone order from this site before?

    What's the quality like and do they run big or small?

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    WizardDetective has a blog on this web site. I haven't got any of their's but have visited the site.

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    I have a pair from there. They are pretty good. I like better. I have bought from both. I guess the main thing is they both have different selections. The only complaints i have about my product i got, was there was a small hole in part of the seam in the leg, and the style for the end of the sleeve with the elastic is not my favorite type, but that is a preference thing. I like a looser opening for my hand to come out. However, i'm sure that it is not the same for all of their products. It does appear that a lot of their products use a fuzzy material, which is very comfortable, but it does leave behind a bit of lint sometimes. I'd say, if you see a style you like, go ahead, otherwise if you are just buying a pair that look pretty generic i'd go to the above mentioned web site.

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    sort of run big, kinda baggy, but I guess it is hard to really say that, because i am a big guy, and i have wierd proportions. On the other hand, the arm length from jumpinjammerz was just right, except that they have thumb holes on my sleeves and it is a little short if i want to use those, it gets a bit tight on the thumbs. But its partially to blame for my odd proportions. I'm 6'6" tall.

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    I really hope that they fit a little big because the style that I want is only available in the kids XL but sold out in adult XS, looking at the size chart there is a bit of a small difference but not a big one. I like my jammies to be roomy and I stand about 5'2". I just might take the chance.

    I ordered from jumpinjammerz before and their stuff fits perfect, the only thing is that they can be a bit too pricey but I aslo take advantage of their blowout sales from time to time.

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    I have send pictures of baby overall to one tailor and she make me adult overall with my dimensions. It looks great.

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    Wow thank you so very much for posting this site as their prices are definitely good! The Off in Space Adult Drop Seat looks awesome for two reasons 1) I am a sci fi nerd and 2) the artwork looks like the cover of Bela Fleck's Rocket Science record.

    The only real problem is that medium is out of stock at the moment I guess I will check back though.


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    haha! These are great I highly recommend them. I got the kids XL and I have plenty of room.

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    I love Jumpin Jammers! I got the footie pajamas with the hood, pockets and thumb holes. It was dark blue with stars on it and its the best! The only problem is that I live in Texas and its very hot for fleece pajamas and a diaper...

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    Yea it's too hot where I live also but I had to take advantage of that sale.

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    When you get it tell me how it fits. As I am looking to get on there too and wondering what size to get and about the same hight as you at 5.1

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