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Thread: Diaper lover age and gender

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    Default Diaper lover age and gender

    I am just curious. I'm a 40 year old male. What is the average and gender of people who love diapers. It's such a crazy fetish and somewhat embarrassing but feels so good.

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    I found this on the Wikipedia page:

    A survey in a doctoral dissertation cited by others found that infantilists are commonly male, are on average thirty-eight years of age, in steady employment, normally have an undergraduate level of education or higher and are usually married or in a stable relationship. However, since there are so few studies of infantilists and so few women who self-identify as infantilists, it is not clear how accurate this survey was.
    I didn't actually read it, but I'd imagine it doesn't take into account the abundance of teenage infantilists, since (if I recall correctly) you cannot be diagnosed with a paraphilia until you're at least 18 years old.

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    I don't know about the "average" or where you would even find those kind of statistics... As for me, I'm a 64 year old male.

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    21yo male

    38 seems a tad high but not unreasonable since this isn't something that we appear to grow out of. The mean age will surely drop down over the next few years though.

    Some food for thought

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    I thought I could out grow it. I've even tried the binge/purge thing and it comes and goes but the urges still reappear sooner or later. I've come to realize its less stressful to just accept its just part of my twisted mind! Haha

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    I'm 26 and male, i doubt I'll outgrow it.

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    I think that estimate of the average age of ABDLs is a little low.

    It seems to be very rare for someone who is ABDL to lose interest. Most ABDLs seem to develop the interest by the early teenage years. If you think people need to be 18+ to count as ABDLs, then the average age of an ABDL is (18 + (18 + LE18) / 2), where LE18 = life expectancy at age 18. In the U.S., that number is between 57 and 63, depending on gender (I can't find a gender-neutral number). So the average age of ABDLs in the U.S. is roughly 48.

    If you think that TBDLs count as ABDLs, then you should conclude that the average age of an ABDL is a little lower than that, roughly 45.

    I think there's no reliable way to get good data on the gender of ABDLs. Many ABDL websites have more males than females, but there are many reasons to think that female ABDLs are under-represented online, so you can't just survey online communities. And you can't exactly do a telephone survey about this.

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    I have a theory that the number of AB/DLs has vastly increased since the advent of disposable diapers. I know there are a few older AB/DLs who's interests were formed before Pampers existed, but all the surveys and member lists I've read over 20 years in the online community support my theory. The median age of 38 quoted in that dissertation seems perfectly reasonable.

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    I don't pretend to have any data on why any age initiates into this. i dont think age is a major factor. but then again what do i know?

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    You're right about disposable diapers being a good reason. I for one was in cloth then pampers came out.....maybe it was a jealousy thing?? No idea? I can remember as a small kid loving the sound when I heard a crinkling disposable....38-40ish would be that time period.

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