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Thread: What do you remember about your diaper wearing days

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    Default What do you remember about your diaper wearing days

    I was wondering what people remember or have learned about their childhood from their parents or talking with relatives. Things like what type of diaper they wore, how their parents raised them, favorite child's toys, etc. Also, if you are a parent, do your AB / DL views change how you raise your children?

    For me, I know I my parents mostly used cloth diapers although there are a few pictures of me in disposables. My parents did not believe in using pacifiers. I was breasted and apparently refused to take a bottle which was a problem when my mom went out and dad had to take care of me. My parents also allowed me to have stuffed animals and when I am at home I am allowed to sleep with my stuffed animals to this day.

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    That was so long ago I don't remember. But the only diapers we had were cloth. I do know I was out of them before WW2 ended. I started school in 1944.

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    I don't remember wearing diapers, but my mom's told me I wore Luvs, liked my paci (still do!), and went around the house looking for my bottle when she took it away.

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    my youngest childhood memories are of the Tails doll my father gave me when i was 2-ish. i went no where without him. Literally! He has a special place on my bed at my moms house. He's worse for wear being a 21 year old stuffed animl. missing a leg and a arm, but if she ever threw him out i would not be able to forgive her.

    my only other memory from that young was when my parents divorced. otherwise my childhood was a blur but i dont think it was a happy one.

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    I distinctly remember being stuck with a diaper pin once. I asked Mom if she used cloth, and she did on me, unless it was an over night outing. It's so vivid, I have to accept it as memory.

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    I have a surprising amount of memories from back then. My mom had a miscarrage the day Kennidy was shot, and I remember my dad getting upset that night because I asked for the 1000 time here is mommy? I was 21 mounts old. The next one is were I go to when I regress at around 2 to 2 1/2 when my mom was putting my diaper on to go to bed. Cloth and white plastic pants, which is what I wear now because of that memory. THen the potty training time which was not pleasent.

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    I don't remember much of my true diaper days, but I do remember wearing pullups and watching my brothers play a silly pac-man ripoff called PacGuy. I was kind of scared by this creepy lizard thing that patrolled in one of the levels. Funnily enough, I was just playing it for nostalgic reasons before finding this thread. PacGuy 2. If anybody's looking to kill some time, you can download the whole thing here: Games | Monkey with a Mustache Entertainment

    Another of my earlier memories would be when my family moved to a new state. We were staying in a hotel as the builders finished our homes, and though I was technically potty-trained, I ended up wetting the bed, much to my brother's chagrin. I ended up wearing pullups the rest of the stay, without any accidents. I do remember kind of liking it, because it made me more comfortable with falling asleep.

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    My earliest memory was when I had a big number 1 that was made out of plastic. Bigger than my head and I would carry it around going " I am number one!" Does that make me a selfish child.....

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    I wore cloth diapers and the old fan fold style Pampers from the 70's

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    I wore Pampers from the 80's and sometimes Huggies. I was 2 years old and was playing in the sandbox with my shovel and a bucket. I can't find the photos that my mom kept in her closet. But all I remember was seeing me in a diaper and sandals on holding my shovel in one hand and my bucket in the other hand when they took pictures of me. I was wearing Pampers Phases at that time because my mom kept the box in her garage with stuff in it but not the diapers. I can't remember what kind of Huggies diapers I was wear back then but anyway that was a long time ago.

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