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Thread: Hello from the Netherlands!

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    Default Hello from the Netherlands!

    Hi there!

    I've been a "lurker" for a couple off years now and finally wanted to say Hello!
    I'm 27, living in The Hague (beautiful city near at the coast in the Netherlands), almost graduated as bachelor in the IT and currently working at a big international IT company (and maybe going abroad in the near future ).

    About the diaper stuff, I'm a DL for quite some time now and still loving it

    I hope I can learn a lot on the site about the community, and the people in it!


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    Welcome Roderick!

    The Netherlands are absolutely astounding, in my opinion. I have never really been but the sheer beauty of places like Hague and of course Amsterdam make me really want to visit someday... not to mention that to a history nerd, visiting some of the historical sites would be the equivalent of a wet dream. Then there is the fact that I love the Dutch national football team... :P

    It sounds like you have a set plan for your future which is always awesome, especially since few people take the time to do that these days.

    I look forward to hearing more from you in the future and I hope your stay here on ADISC will be 10 times what you hoped it would be!


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    Hey Roderick!

    Quite about time you started posting, on Adisc if you don't participate you miss out on half of the fun! ^^

    I'm from Italy and have been to the Netherlands a few times already, one of which on a road trip, I have a few friends there, and in the flemish part of Belgium too, so I wouldn't mind learning some Dutch sooner or later.

    See you around!

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    Hallo, Roderick. Glad to have you on the site...talking, that is ^^

    I'm half Dutch myself, but never really got to know much about that part of my heritage. My father tried to teach my brother and I Dutch when we were little, but we never caught on. I'll take your word that it is a beautiful place, and would certainly love to go there.

    Hope you graduate with flying colours in your IT endeavours and here's Hopi g to hear more from you on the site

    - Jagged

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