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    Can't quite remember whether or not there was another thread like this before, but I'm making a new one regardless.

    I think we all have our wishlist of AB/DL related goodies we want. Whether it be furniture or just a simple toy, what we want is material things that will help us express our lifestyles that much better and allow ourselves to enjoy it more.

    So, what is it that I want? Well...

    - A pair of plastic pants, possibly printed and preferably locking
    - Nice, thick and cute AB diapers
    - A pair of AB mittens
    - A bottle with a Nuk 5 lid
    - A cute-printed changing mat
    And, probably my most-wanted item on my list
    - An AB crib

    It often pains me typing some of this stuff up cuz I know I will not have them for a while, but it is SO nice to dream~ And when I do get what I want, I'll tick it off the wishlist and see if anything else makes its way onto it.

    So, what about you guys? Leave your wishlist here so we can both give advice on how to get it and maybe get enticed by your wishes too ^^

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    I like the idea! This is usually brought up around Christmas, but there's no harm in some day dreaming. Before any advice is given though, I know exactly how to get the things I'm about to post, I just wish I had the money to get them all.

    -A toddler style bed and/or crib (can be either/or, but preferably toddler)
    -Thomas the Train or planes, trains and automobiles toddler bedding (I've found the website and everything! It's being purchased upon my return home from camp, when my room will be to myself.)
    -A big box of legos
    -Some matchbox race cars
    -Toy army men
    -Bottle with Nuk 5 nipple
    -Adult changing table (filled with diapers, of course.)
    -Bambino Bellissimos
    -New onesies (One yellow, one 'Jungle Friends' print, one blue, and a few others)
    -Footie Pajamas
    -Light up sneakers in my size
    -A 5 foot tall teddy bear
    -Cloth diapers
    -Plastic Pants
    -'Toddler style/motif' shirts

    That about sums it up for me. I have a bunch of other things, but this list is already pretty long. Hopefully I get at least 75% of these things at some point in time.

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    -Super ultra thick diapers that have 2" wide and 2.5" long strong tapes with a frontal tape panel. The diaper will make you waddle even when dry.
    -A nursery with a diaper changing table, diaper station, and a crib.
    -12 oz baby bottle with Nuk 5 nipple.
    -Cartoons in the 80's and 90's.
    -Giant Pink Panther.
    -Sand box with jungle gym, swing set, and slide.
    -Ball Pitt.
    -Huge trampolin.
    -Adult size baby clothes like onesies, toddler t-shirts, overalls, footie pajamas, yes sneakers with flashing lights.
    -Pacifier Nuk 5 nipple.
    -Big blanket.
    -And more.

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    Well if we're dreaming here:
    -AB crib
    -onesies (either blue or white)
    -giant stuffed Eeyore
    -Toroko or Sue plushie (been on a Cave Story high recently :3)
    -AB diapers
    -Giant changing table
    -jeans with elastic waists
    -and some new bottles

    I already got a few things that work for me baby-wise like pacifiers, wipes, and such. But if I had at least two of these things I'd be ecstatic!

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    Nice thread, well for me I just want a couple of things:

    -Footie Pajamas with a hoodie
    -Diapers (It's sad, I don't have diapers )

    I know, that's all I want for the moment , I would be so happy if I had those things.

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    There's not much that i really want, but. I really think a paci, some hair bows, a heavy blanket, and maybe some kind of footie pyjamas would be really nice.(:

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    Hm, I've thought about this a few times in the past month, I think I'll put my two cents in.
    These will all most likely be stuff I'll put into a AB room when I finally get my own place and can afford/allow myself to do it, but even then I would still love to have these in the future.

    -A Toddler Bed/AB Crib (Can most likely be done by modifying my current bedding, but I'd prefer to have it be made from another separate bed)
    -A very childish looking bed set to put on said bed
    -A Footed Onesie (Preferably faded blue with some kind of pattern on it)
    -A play mat with a very childish pattern on it
    -Tons of Plushies (Like Pokemon plushies, Teddies and Dolls)
    -A changing mat and tons of AB diapers
    -Very babyish/toddlerish looking clothing (One thing in particular I would like is clothing that's green or has Panda's on them, I love both the color green and Panda's)
    -An AB bottle
    -An AB-styled room to put it all in

    I hope to achieve getting this all someday, because it would just be the best thing if I were able to have all of that into some kind of AB-styled room, it'd be fun to be fully regressed into. ^_^

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    Why don't you all just create a wishlist on Amazon. That way everybody can see what you would like and get ideas and add items to their own wishlist. I think it's a fun way to window shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pipsqueak View Post
    Why don't you all just create a wishlist on Amazon. That way everybody can see what you would like and get ideas and add items to their own wishlist. I think it's a fun way to window shop.
    Because unfortunately, I think most of the stuff on our lists cannot be found on Amazon. :\

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    I have found many ab items on amazon. I aslo have a button installed on my browser that lets me add items from any website to my wishlist. Pip: Stuff Pipsqueak wants

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