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    Hey everybody, so I've decided to return to this wonderful website. It was just last week on my birthday that I was able to return after...(ahem, -deep voice-) The Great Purge of Minors! hahaha

    I wouldn't be surprised if anyone doesn't even know me, before the removal of minors I had started out as a regular member, but over time became a lurker. I'm hoping to stay as a regular and not fall back into being a lurker. So yeah, if you guys have any questions about me, hit me up! =)

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    Welcome back, Jxleo. Your title, 'Back from the Dead' struck an immediate chord with my own situation, because a few minutes ago I made my first posting after many months of enforced absence from ADISC and the privacy of my own computer (brought about by circumstances, not age, in my case!), so feel I have undergone a similar 'Resurrection'. I greatly miss the fun, intelligence and immensely varied interests of younger members of the site, and am delighted to note some returning when age-enabled. I hope many more will follow your example in due course.

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    Thank you sypl! Means a lot =). Funny story with the title though. I decided to name it after a lyric in a song of my favorite band (Zombie by Family Force 5).
    But thank you again, hope to see you around the site.

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