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Thread: Tena maxi slip crinkle?

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    Default Tena maxi slip crinkle?

    Does the tena maxi slip make crinkle sounds??

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    I'll find out when I get my samples Thursday. Got my shipment confirmation email last night.

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    Like any other diaper..
    Put something over it and it's not noticeable

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    Yes they crinkle, but its not something anyone will hear unless its very quiet in the room.

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    I normally wear Tena Slip Maxi and yes, there is a crinkle. However, if you are out in public no one will notice. You should however be cautious if you are in a quiet room with only a few people. Hope this helps

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    not much.
    the noisiest bit is the 'crack' when you open your legs after them being together for a bit.

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    The Tena website claims that they are "Noise free for wearer discretion".

    They are fully-plastic backed, and do make a slight sound, but it really is barely audible in my experience. Certainly less noticeable than other plastic-backed diapers...

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    In my judgement it is far less of a crinkle than other plastic backed brands like dry 24/7 or bambino. But yes, there is a slight crinkle. I use them when I travel for this reason: I find them to offer the best discreetness to performance in any diaper.

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