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    Good morning ADISC, or at least it has been for me. This morning while working out at a local gym all I could think about was "when will I be able to actually wear my first adult diaper?" Well lest just put it this way after I finished my workout I went up to my dorm changed into some cloths that I could wear out and public, and then I got in my car and went to Walgreen's. From there I proceeded to purchase my very first pack, which was extremely nerve racking/weird. When I finally got the courage to check out I went to the cashier with the pack in my hands she looked at me and gave me the weirdest look, which could definitely be expected, but anyways I did indeed purchase them and proceeded out the door.

    After I left the store I decide to put them on as soon as possible, which happened to be in my car that was sitting behind Walgreen's. After this I continued my journey to get a few things from Walmart, as soon as I got there I had to readjust and make sure it was tight enough and stuff like that. So after wondering around Walmart for a few minutes I wanted to actually use it, but I was not able to because I did not have enough liquids in my body. So at Walmart I picked up some water and forced myself to drink a lot of water.

    Since at this point I was in the parking lot I decided to got to another store and pick up a few more items, and here I was actually able to use it. It was a weird/warm feeling at first, and then I walked around the store for about 15 more minutes. At this point I thought that almost everybody was staring at my crotch, but I did not care because I liked the feeling. After walking around I went to the restroom and changed, which was also a interesting experience.

    At this point I have started to ramble so I will finish it up. Verdict is that I am glad that I did this, but it was a lot different that I expected. I will wear again as soon as I can, but living with a roommate makes it impossible to wear in my dorm room. I guess I will be making multiple trips to walmart throughout the week.

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    Wow, well glad you liked it. I only recently had my first time last weekend. but i spent that time in my barracks room (no roommates).
    I would say that buying from an online store may yield better quality experience. it's just something I've noticed reading around.

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    Just chill next time you buy. You'll always get the jitters a bit but try paying attention next time you buy anything - you might find the 'weird' behavior isn't actually so weird at all, just you being paranoid.

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