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    just wondering, what was it like telling your rents or anyone that you are planning to get a sex change? always been a question i've asked myself. how did they react?

    also, (even though this is highly unlikely) does anyone regret it?

    sorry for the random question.

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    People missed responding to your thread clip12?! I'm so sorry. I wish I had noticed it an not been so busy, especially when you asked such a good question.

    My situation was unique in that I told my mother when I was 11 years old, and she told my father. Because I was a kid, even though she proceeded to try to talk me out of it for many years afterwards she still tried to be comforting at the time. I had burst into tears just by trying to tell her, filled with so much fear and just finally vocalizing what I wanted.. and so she switched to mom mode. I mean, if your kid is stiting there crying screaming, "There's something wrong with me.." then I think just all good mothers will swoop in and try to make them feel better. My mother was a good mother, so she did.

    Like I said though, she spent the better part of 8 or so years after that trying to convince me to embrace my manhood and give up my dream, because she felt I would be happier not going through all that pain and all. It took her a while for her to respect that this wasn't going to go away. She really wanted it to at first though.

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    No worries... I do enjoy my experience time to time. Fyi, I am 29 years old, MtoF trans post-op. I had my surgery almost 4 years ago.

    I first told my mom when I was 22. As expected, she wasn't too happy and shrug it off at first. I told her few times after that that I feel like that I am a female and all of that. She start to realize I might be serious and she send me to a therapist. What she didn't realize was that therapist specializes in helping transgender people. So after about 7 or 8 months of therapy with her, she diagnosed me with GID (Gender Identity Disorder) and gave me authorization letter to start on HRT (Hormones Replacement Therapy). After my mom discovers this and assumed that she will talk me out of it... she was so furious more than ever and basically screaming at my therapist via e-mail and calling her enabler and "hero" to me for progressing my transition. I won't forget those e-mails messages. My mom was just upset that she's "losing" only son. It took her about 2-3 years for her slowly to accept me.... very slow but now... she's proudly referring me as her daughter. She knows now that I am truly happy as a female and realize that I am right. I am just very thankful that she don't disown me and I gave her plenty of time to accept me. My younger sister had difficultly of accepting me at first... took as long as my mom to accept me. I am not that close with rest of my small family... but they just had difficulty as expected but they are all fine with it now. My nana happily referred me as her granddaughter.

    Now, I am 29...and I am still very happy and I don't regret this at all. I do admit I miss the old days in high school when I was social butterfly.... now it's opposite. I have just few friends that still accept me... I lost about 80% of long time friends after the transition. Little price to pay for my complete happiness. To me, happiness matters the most and comes first for me.

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    I confessed to my mother about being trans when I was about 15. She thought it was just a phase or that I didn't know what I was talking about. She put me in therapy and my therapist got her to calm down about it and eventually come to accept it. Although that whole process took roughly about 2 years to happen. I remember talking with her trying to get her to sign off on papers for HRT (because I was underage) but she refused immediately saying that I was too young and that things could still change. It was a rough time but I am glad its over now. My mother accepts me either way. Although my father has yet to find out to this day. I never regret telling my mother though. We have grown closer as a result of my confessing to her. Now she is my biggest source of support

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessLily View Post

    I lost about 80% of long time friends after the transition. Little price to pay for my complete happiness.
    The 20% of long term friends that you retained, are the only ones that matter. :-)

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    I'm not going to change but just coming out as TG:

    I lost a girlfriend, but gained a extra super close friend (He is FTM TG) and lost a semi-normal friend. But none ever betrayed my secret.

    It'll hurt when you learn who is real and who is fake.

    I had always planned to come out at graduation but I won't. Not now. However, it eats me up inside.

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    Yea... Don't keep putting it off. Now is the perfect time.

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    I remember when i told my rents. Sheesh! My stomach turned over inside and i thought i was going to faint :3

    My parents were in severe denial, but im glad i didnt go through with anything. I moved out and got my priorities straight. I personally think transitioning would have had an effect on my long term goals. And im glad i didnt do it.

    But, i still do have these feelings. And i can live with that.

    Telling your rents is a huge step in the right direction, good luck.

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