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Thread: Springtime - Some Thoughts . . . by Teddy

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    Default Springtime - Some Thoughts . . . by Teddy

    While there may not be too many others here on ADISC that can relate to this (I am still waiting to hear from another true padded cowboy or cowgirl on ADISC) , I hope that I can adequately describe some of the perks I receive from my "second and non-paying" job of being a cowboy.

    It is springtime here in the Rocky Mountains.

    Part of the perks I get from my job of being a cowboy is seeing the wonders that nature offers us at this time of year.

    • The grass and crops are growing and coming out of the earth as if by some miracle.
    • The snow is receding back into the heights of the mountains and the streams and rivers are starting to flow.
    • The newborn calves and colts are amazing wonders of excitement and beauty that are so fun to watch.
    • From the miracle of birth (even if it is at 3 a.m. and I am out in 20 degree weather having to assist with a birth and covered in blood and slime) to the miracle of growth and life, this brings a satisfaction that if you haven't experienced it yourself, it is impossible to describe.

    However, there is no end to the work that is to be done. Perhaps Spring is the busiest of all seasons here on the ranch. We are plowing, planting, feeding, providing veterinary care, prepping equipment for operation, fixing irrigation equipment to be ready, and so many different things --but none-the-less, the miracle of spring makes it all worth while.

    When you are able to watch the baby calves and colts bouncing along on feeble legs and nursing their mothers; when you are able to see the seeds that you planted last fall come to life; when the water that makes all things grow starts to fill the reservoirs and melt from the ice and snow covered peaks; these are perks that are just beyond description.

    Hence, for me, there are no greater perks to be found. It is my counselor, my psychiatrist, and my home.

    -- As John Denver said (yes this dates me!!!), THANK GOD I AM A COUNTRY BOY!!

    Rather than this just being a blog of my own thoughts, I would like to know if other members on ADISC have thoughts on spring and how it may strike a chord with their personality and interests?

    (Note: These miracles seem to help me accept the AB part of myself and the joy and innocence of being little and the acceptance of my inner self who has these desires. Here's to wishing there are others on ADISC that can relate)
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    i work outside a lot (when not injured ) and while i can agree with you, for my practical situation, the transistional seasons of Spring and Autumn (Fall, to give it it's proper English name) are much of a pain of wind and rain and unexpected extremes. it's a time when most injuries occur, be they due to cold or cold joints, or being blown or slipping.
    as bad as all that seems, though, it's that kind of stuff that makes you feel alive and a part of something greater that also has life.

    anyway, it's nice to see how everything is making a good go of it, after a bit of a heavy Winter. i even decided to let the pigeons nest in the trees near my bedroom, in spite of their dawn cooing (tried scaring them off, but as soon as i saw them coming 'home' with twigs, i just let them be); but then, the nowty blackbird starts his chorus at 4 (he's just been having a fight, as i type).
    i've resigned myself to a lack of sleep for months to come.

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