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Thread: To days laundry story :)

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    Default To days laundry story :)

    so i dont have a clothes washer so i have to do all my clothes in public you go so whats the big deal.

    well i have a onesie and a cloth diaper .

    so i ususaly wash my clothes by hand but i figured my cloth and onesie needed a true washing so i took them on a field trip to the laundrymat . i also took along my paci for shit and giggles . i also took my wet sheets with me cause my cloth got a bit to wet and its one of those pul covers and i dont have plastic pants yet so ya :| i got 2 matching sets of sheets just for this kind of stuff so while i wash one i have another for my bed .

    ok lets get on with the story

    i gathered all my stuff and put it on the back of my bike and rode 3 blocks down the street to my local laundry mat. i stuck my clothes in the washer and sat :\ got really bored there were like 4 other people there. so i decided why not pull out my paci and play with it while i was bored. this wasnt really embarrssing cause people probly thought i had a kid at home and thought he was bored :| or i hope that was wat they were thinking . when every one left i popped it in my mouth and repeated this process for the next 30 minutes while i waited for my clothes to finish . so i went to the washer that finnaly finished and i pulled out my diaper and looked at it to make sure i was happy with how it was cleaned and i was but while i was doing this 2 people walked in while i was holding this diaper in the air . i was a bit scared and dropped it imediatly . then relized why was i scared they probly think its just a shirt :|.

    99% of this trip was me relaxed the other 0.9% was me relizing no one cares and the other 0.1% was me being anxious.

    so when it came to drying which is the fun part cause i get to watch my stuff spin.

    i stuck my stuff in and proceeded playing with my paci :\ i wasnt really hiding it any one could see it if they looked by a glace.

    any who clothes finished im like talking to my self saying i should have my paci in while riding home on my bike.

    now let me explain something this isnt a normal paci this paci is glow in the dark and it was 10:30 by the time i got out of the laundry mat.

    so i took my bike out hopped on popped my paci in and rode home . bit anxious but then thought they cant see my face why should i care all they see is a glowing circle by my mouth .

    i got home and felt so happy. totaly happy the trip went well.

    for any one who is scared to by cloth cause people might comment to you.

    well i have done this 2 times and not 1 person has come up to me and said hey is that a diaper they just dont and i have a AIO Buzz Lightyear Cloth (i love it to its so much fun). i havent had any disposables for a while i am trying to save up for a case of bambinos as it will save money.

    now for people that think cloth diapers are Over Priced you need to relize this
    bambinos average about 1.40 a diaper (im not sure about that im sure its close)
    so i wear every 3 days with 1 cloth being washed every 3 days. so 1 cloth is 40$
    i havent bought disposables in 2 months i wear 10 times a month or more depending if i use the diaper or not. 14$ a month * 12 months (1 year) = 168$ a year
    so by using 1 cloth for 1 year i have saved over 128$ :\
    so what you have to by clothes cleaning stuff its a bit more work but its totaly worth it .

    Keep in mind cloth and disposables have a different feeling to them not all people like the feel of cloth


    i am rambling


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    Pass I like your story. I glad everything went okay on your trip to the laundromat.

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