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Thread: Times You Wish You Wore

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    Default Times You Wish You Wore

    So, I think most of us had a story like this before. Went out for dinner tonight with family, and the drinks we had came in huge tankers. Had a refill after chugging down the first, so I had no-one to blame but myself for what was coming. It was a long trip back, and my bladder was full. Thankfully, I was wearing a diaper...except I wasn't; in fact, I was several thousand miles from my personal stash. I knew I didn't, but I was aching for relief that I just had to buckle down and wait for the time to come.

    Save for those who want/need to wear diapers 24/7, we have all had those moments where we are bursting to go, but we chose not to wear that day for some reason and have to wait an INSANE amount of time before we can go. To show we have experienced that pain, feel free to share your story here.

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    Though I don't have actual diapers, I've had a few experiences like that. One was rather like yours: I went to a restaurant, ordered a raspberry iced tea, they bring you another.... yeah. Though I didn't have to wait too long to get to a toilet.

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    This is when I think a pull up (Depends) can be handy. It's easy to pull down when you have a nearby bathroom, but it's there if you need to let a little of the pressure off. I had a Coke today and had a couple of errands. I put a Depends on just in case, but made it home just in time. It was tempting just to use it anyway since, you know, it's fun.

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    Quite a few times -- especially lately I've found myself hurrying to the bathroom after I've absent-mindedly (or doing busywork) waited too long. On several occasions in the past few weeks I've found myself thinking, "You know, a diaper right now would be quite convenient."

    Specifically though, I recently was stuck in an emergency room with a family member (I wasn't the patient) for a long period of time. The bathroom was down a long hall and outside secure doors. It was a pain in the rear to get the desk people convinced that I should be allowed to be buzzed back in every time I left the area. One time, the person refused thinking I was some kind of creeper or something and I was stuck outside until I snuck in behind a doctor entering the locked doors. Anyways, after several hours of being in this area of the hospital and a couple trips to the bathroom, I couldn't help but think those same thoughts -- how convenient it would be to not have to go running around looking for a place to pee and begging to be let back in.

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    I have to say at lease 5 times at the movies. I have been lucky 4 times but one time I was glad to have black jeans on when it happen.

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    Basically spend the day at a friends house, got kinda drunk in the evening and then jumped into his car for a lift home.

    Well I kind of forgot two things,

    1. I can never stay awake in the car as a passanger, seriously if its longer than about 20-40 mins then I will asleep by the time I get there. Weird thing is I wake up as soon as the car stops moving and we get too where we are going.
    2. I am a bedwetter.

    Friend was less than thrilled... Enough said...

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    I was leaving a party where I had a bit to drink with some other people who were going to drop me off at my home a little over a half hour away. As we were leaving I kinda felt the urge to go, but figured I could easily hold it for that long. It seemed like as soon as we hit the freeway though that the pressure became incredible and I was really worried that I wouldn't make it. Somehow I held on until I got home, but I was bursting.

    Another time I was riding with someone after having a bit to drink and it was much farther, so I asked to pull over, which I think annoyed him a bit.

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    I'm not entirely sure if a diaper would have made things better or worse in this situation...but I had an incident last year that might have turned out less embarrassing if I had been padded at the time.

    I managed to get stuck outside trying to get a dozen or so farm animals, including one very VERY stubborn horse, inside and in their stalls before a huge storm (that we later found out produced something like six tornadoes) hit the area around my grandma's house.

    I consider myself to have a pretty strong bladder, but for various reasons, when it became apparent that it was up to me to get the animals inside in less than 10 minutes I ran outside just before taking a trip to the bathroom.

    I probably would have been fine if I had been able to finish getting the animals inside in the time that it usually takes me, but for whatever reason, almost all of them were acting stubborn/hardheaded/whatever that night. The result was me peeing in a (thankfully) ancient, worn pair of overalls just as one of the worst rain/hail storms hit the house.

    I ended up staying outside a bit longer than I really needed to, for no other reason than to let the rain completely drench me from head to toe. To this day I'm not sure whether or not grandma ever found out or not. Although I'd like to think she didn't.

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    The main time i recall was when i was holiday in lanzarote, i suffer from irratible bowel syndrome (ibs) which means certain foods can trigger spasms in my stomach and bowel area this happened while out at a restaraunt so i headed back to the appartment complex ahead if my girlfriend due to intense cramping in my bowel i ended up being about 5 minutes away then after trying to hold it all in it came rushing out thankfully it was quite late so there was nobody about i felt so embarresed my girlfriend knows i like to wear nappies and i did have some in my case just wished at that time i had worn one, thakfully there was laundry facilities on sight

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    I get that feeling often when I am at work and I drink lot of water. I am a cashier so I can't just leave my till on whim especially when it's busy. There are numerous of times when I really have to go to bathroom and I usually have no problem of getting someone to cover for me if I can't wait until next break (or until shift ends) though. But...sometimes I do wish I wear diaper at work so I don't have to worry about it. I could but I am paranoid about others noticing me wearing a diaper especially if I wet it.

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