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    Default Best plastic back adult diaper

    What's the best plastic backed adult diaper that's easy to get? I really like the Depend fitted briefs but they are almost too thin....

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    That's really the only one that's easy to get and it's not nearly as easy as it once was after they were discontinued in Walgreens. For anything better, you're either going to have to do some searching at local pharmacies (non-chains are your best bet) and medical supply places or look into ordering online. Once you're online, there are a lot of options. In a subjective and by no means exhaustive list in ascending order of thickness, there's Attends, Tranquility ATNs, Unique Wellness, Tena Slip Maxis, Molicares, Abenas, Bambinos, Dry 24/7s and Fabines.

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    Trevor said all that can be said.

    No physical stores sell good diapers. Period.

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    Trevor gave you a really good list to choose from, pamperluv. but more importantly to consider is what is your criteria for a good diaper? Some people like them for playing in a design, others enjoy absorbency, then you have thickness, noisiness of crinkle, etc. It's hard to say which one is the 'best' because there are so many different preferences. What are yours?

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    I'm into them for fun. Crinkle is a definite plus! Absorbancy, thickness, leg gathers. Plastic back is more of what I prefer. Thanks for your help.

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    I've always preferred plastic-back Abena and still do-- but now I've just starting using Wellness Briefs as well, and I highly recommend them.

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    I've gotta say Bambino is pretty pricey, but definitely top notch quality. Abena's are my go to diaper for all purpose use, but for regression and use, bambinos take the cake hands down. The only other Adult diaper I've seen where I enjoy the design more are the Fabines but there's no way I would pay those ungodly prices to get Fabines delivered here in the states. The AB Universe brand diapers are really cool to play in if you like the designs, but absorbency is barely above average and thickness is fairly mediocre.

    Dry 24/7's are the thickest, most absorbent diapers I've ever tried, and the leg gathers are very prominent. I felt that while the crinkle and absorbency were top quality, it was over kill on how thick the plastic was due to the fact that there was no real breathing in those diapers. When you are taped in to those, all your sweat and whatnot gets locked in for sure.

    If you have the money for it though, I now swear by Bambino's. Best all around diaper in my opinion. Thickness, absorbency, crinkle, childish motif, buttery smooth plastic, and a great fit (for me anyways). Other diapers may be better than bambinos in some regards, but overall the bambinos have my vote for being the best.

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