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Thread: Home made toddler bed!

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    Default Home made toddler bed!

    Awhile ago I got this idea to build a todder bed , after looking on fourms talking about toddler beds. The idea kinda rolled around in the back of my head for about a month until I couldn't get the thought out of my head. I previously had a bunkbed I built with my dad out of scratch. The only problem then was that I built the bed in the room but couldn't get it out, so about four years later with the lightly used wood plus some bolts,washers,nails and Polyurethane ( to cold to put on still, have to wait until it's 70 degress for it to work! Here is a picture of how it turned out !

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    Well. You certainly know your woodwork, so I don't think you'll have trouble making your own toddler bed.

    What will you be adding to it to give it that toddler feel?

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    I have a couple of plushies on the bed allready and I plan on getting over ten more (beanie babies at our local HallMark store a dollar each!They are trying to get rid of them. ( somewhat older ones) I am not quite sure what kind of comforter designs I want on it yet, Whatever it is, it will be little boyish.
    Also, when building the bed I thought of putting wooden head and foot boards, but after much fustration(going though a few nails trying to nail the darn thing in!) I am going to put a couple of those guard rails that go underneith the mattress inbetween where the foot and head posts are.

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    I gotta ask, how much did it cost for all the wood and materials to help build that bed of yours?

    And are you planning on making a tutorial on how others can make it themselves? Because this is really interesting me.

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    That would be pretty good, actually. Though mind you, buying wood on its own tends to cost more than the finished product, from what I can remember.

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    I made a cargo bed for my son a few years ago. Cargo construction uses 1 x 4 inch pine boards, framing the pine boards which run up and down. I also made a drawer unit which went from the floor to the 2 x 6 frame. I asked my wife if I could make a toddler double bed for us, but she said no......sigh. Actually, I didn't really ask...haha.

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    That's awesome! If you made a blog about how this bed was made and what the measurements are, that would be fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigKid25 View Post
    That's awesome! If you made a blog about how this bed was made and what the measurements are, that would be fantastic.
    Pretty much, if this were to be made, I would get right onto that ASAP, because this would be a good thing for all AB's to have if they don't wanna afford making a crib.

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