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Thread: new method which seems to help in causing constant flow

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    Default new method which seems to help in causing constant flow

    I found an interesting method to help in enjoying the flow or causing that constant feeling that your leaking.

    Over the weekend I wore two pair of depends maximum mens diapers - the first one I cut slits into (lots) and the second one I put a tena overnight pad in with slits cut in the sticky part of the pad. I know DEPENDS lousy - however in peeing in the first one it did fill up quickly but it did have the additional enjoyment of feeling wet all over my butt. That wet feeling did seem to help lots in me having that continual feeling that I had a constant small flow.

    This morning I put on the same layers. However I had a tena pad that was partly wet from wearing. This part is for the guys - One problem men have is how do you tuck so that when you pee the flow goes between your legs and you get the pleasure of it flowing back toward your butt. I generally will pull the penis so that it is like a long tube and tuck it between my legs. The problem then is the sack. The trick is to push the underside (part below the penis) so that it is not hanging. then to push the balls up inside you. Yes they will go inside you up in two pockets. Once this is done I pull the first diaper up making sure the penis is still tucked between the legs.

    NOW the interesting part that i discovered. I took the wet pad and folded it so that the sticky part was together in a layer of three folds. Then I pushed it into the diaper so that it covered the area where the balls went into there pockets. That wet tena pad acted as a way to keep the balls pushed up and the penis pushed down. It also had the wonderful effect of making the area damp and the size put pressure on the top of the bladder. Thereby giving one the feeling that you need to go. The bladder seems to respond to this method - nice light bladder spasums.

    The first diaper (no pad other than the folded up wet on just above the penis shaft), the second one (with a tena pad), and the third one (plastic outer layer) - then the plastic pants. NO worry about leaking with all that on.

    The strange effect of the wet pad was that while driving and even sitting here at my desk I am getting a slight flow and contastant feeling of needing to go due to the dampness and pressure at the top of the bladder. I was driving and the next thing i knew I was peeing - wow no trying it just happen.

    I have been working on just enjoying having me not pay any attention and the slow changes as mentally now when i put on a diaper i pee. I can hold it but dont i let it go.

    From all I have read the trick is to just relax and to not force things - to take your time. However finding new ways to just make that feeling of constantly flowing or dripping is happing but using the relaxing method for me.

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    I'm sure your method is great and all but I for one will never push my testicles up into my body for any reason. I have a sack for a reason and the discomfort you are probably experiencing is not worth it. I haven't commented in a long time and this just made my man bits hurt while reading. I'd hope and imagine that you're very stationary during all this.

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    I do not find great discomfort some yes. However the pleasure of being tucked well and enjoying the flow as it is tucked between my legs makes the discomfort well worth it. I also love the feeling of the presure of the pad as it keeps the balls pressed up in the body. I have also read that by tucking and having the balls pushed back inside you increase the heat factor and thereby reduce sperm count and I hope T-levels too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trooperdown View Post
    this just made my man bits hurt while reading
    this made me chuckle

    But seriously, I wouldn't want to do that myself - It doesn't seem worth the medical risk (would rather like to have kids someday!)

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    According to some studies, higher than normal temperatures in the testes does lead to lower T-levels in goats and boars. Prolonged exposure reduced testicle size by about a third by weight and damaged the ability for the testes to perform normal testosterone production.

    Here is a relevant article: Testosterone and Heat

    What you're doing is risky and you shouldn't intentionally interfere with your hormone levels without consulting a doctor. I don't know what you hope to gain, but the potential consequences are long-term. Please exercise caution.

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    All this nut-shoving business is pretty standard procedure in the cross dressing community, fyi. I know it sounds a little scary to the uninitiated, but it's really no big deal once you figure out how to do it. Yes, it can affect sperm quality, but sperm are continually produced so it really doesn't have any long term ill effects. The above cited study is fairly irrelevant here because the rams were exposed to "constant heat in the 28-23 degrees Celcius range (82-90 degrees Fahrenheit) continuously for two weeks." That's quite a bit more extreme than an average diaper-wearing episode.

    I'm also skeptical of the validity of the study because the numbers make absolutely no sense. Goat body temperature is 101-104 F (see page 6 of this document). Testicles need to be a few degrees cooler than body temperature (2-7C according to this source) to function optimally, but 82-90 is not a few degrees by any estimation. That's downright frigid (given the above estimates, it's still ~2 F cooler than normal testicular temperature), and it's supposedly an elevated temperature. I can only imagine how cold the author of the paper supposes goat testicles normally are! 82-90 is the air temp on a mild summer day. Besides, it's coming from an ED website with no listed author who can't muster a citation any more recent that 2002. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he didn't just making up the citations (surprisingly common), I have no reason to believe he did anything more than cherry pick certain studies, or that he can even adequately assess those studies for validity.

    Also, wearing a diaper already elevates testicular temperature to about body temperature, so I can't imagine you're going to do much additional harm by sticking them in your body. Point is, I don't think there's any reason to panic. Cross dressers have been doing it for decades with no ill effects. Just don't get them stuck that way XD

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    I've been consistently making a fool of myself here for a few days now. Perhaps it is time for a break.

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