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Thread: Why is there so few small adult daipers

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    Default Why is there so few small adult daipers

    This maybe a recycled topic, but why is there so few choices for small diapers? I mean I'd like to try some new diapers, but I found that I don't have that many choices. Any input on this could help me understand this better.

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    Well people are getting bigger, if you know what I mean. This makes more and more XL and XXL sizes and fewer S and XS sizes and some companies *coughs* Bambino *cough cough* are even going so far as to discontinue smaller sizes due to lack of interest and revenue. I, personally, feel your pain as I am WAY on the small side of the spectrum but hopefully this will cheer you up, Molicare Super Plus nappies are among the best and they still make small sizes (their mediums are actually smaller than most company mediums, same with smalls and large so get a sample pack first). Right now they are probably my number one diaper due to their comfort and absorbency. Also, unlike most, I like the unusual purple color.

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    Tena and Attends both have some diapers in "youth" sizes for example.

    Ever since my mid teens I've been wearing M size - to this very day...
    So I don't really have much of an idea other then the mentioned tena & attends (which I wore during the days when I was too big for the baby things and too small for the S-sized adult things)

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    Low demand. In most brands the maximum size for small is around a 28"-32" and you are probably better off in a medium when you get into that range. Not many adults stay that skinny past their mid 20s. That is not the prime user demographic for adult diapers, especially the tape on heavy duty ones. You can find pull ups in every size from todller to XL adult in most stores though.

    Companies make tape on diapers in small and even extra small and youth sizes but store have not stocked them in a long time. Tape on diapers of any kind are getting rare in stores. The internet made it much easier to order online and have them shipped to the door at regular intervals.

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    It's not very economical for the few companies out there to market to that small subsection of the community, which is unfortunate if you're tiny.

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    Yepp, all been said above.. but I will repeat as I like to talk. :-)
    Demand is lower, shelf space is limited. Maybe it is just me, but when I rarely see somebody buying these products they are generally older, larger people, as in quite overweight. Maybe that is just here..

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    I think it's because there are so few small adults in the western world, with increasing obesity.

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    small/youth sized diapers are little different in size to the larger baby diapers and pull-ups.
    so, the market at this [the small size] end is pretty well catered for and parents aren't going to give up the lower costs and convenience of using baby diapers.

    from what i've seen online, most parents with disabled children (who'll be the predominant users) will push size 6 Pampers & Co to the limit, for fit and function, before moving onto medium sized adult diapers. also, it's around the age that this change-over may occur, that the child may be ready for toilet-training or for whatever medical solutions are needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    Tena and Attends both have some diapers in "youth" sizes for example.
    To add to the list: Abena and Tranquility also have youth sizes.

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    it may be my very small waist, small hips and thighs and thigh gap... but i can fit into small underjams without major leaks so... i never had this issue XD i wear xl underjams... doesnt leak for me untill its past its physical limit n.n

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