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    Hello, everybody. Been putting this intro off for a while b/c I've been somewhat nervous about it, but as a wiseman once said "If you wanna learn to swim, you gotta jump in the water". So, here goes...

    1) Who am I? Without revealing too much, I consider myself to be the proverbial nice guy. Currently, I am pursuing my life's ambitions; not always easy, but it's all part of the game. I've been told that I'm nice to a fault, but that's something I often can't help. Grew up with too much negativity, so I try to make life as light-hearted as I can. I'm definatley someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. I'm polite, courteous, friendly, and considerate of others. I can be a bit of a goofball, which I think I hung onto since childhood; sometimes I like to think life has a built-in laughtrack. Still a kid at heart, you might say. Never really understood the trivial things that people take so seriously, which to me serve to do nothing but cause undue stress and lead to misery and self-destruction. Guess that's why I feel like I never grew up. I keep close with family, a select group of friends, and I enjoy laughing and having fun with both.

    2) What brought me here? Aside from the obvious, I suppose I was just looking for a way to interact with others like myself. I'm definatley a DL, going back as far as age 6 (that I can remember). I'd ask my mom to buy me the old, white plastic-backed Huggies or Pampers, which still fit me at that age. I just loved the way they felt. I guess you could say it was a turn-on for me, even if I didn't grasp that concept at the time. This continued on and off for years. It somewhat faded a bit in my mid to late teens, but re-emerged during college. I remembered my childhood love of diapers, but didn't understand why those feelings came back. When I researched and found "infantilism" on the net, my initial reaction was shock. Being a goofy kid, people always told me I was weird growing up, but for the first time in my life I actually believed it. I never did like role-playing, age-regression, or anything related to being a baby. I just knew that I loved wearing diapers. Although, when discovering the term DL, I was relieved to learn that I was not alone on this issue. I'd come dangerously close to being discovered over the years, but to this day no one knows (that I know of,at least). So, I searched the web looking for communities of people like me, but found a few that just seemed to come off as creepy;things that just freaked and/or grossed me out. All I wanted was to be able to communicate with people who understood what I was dealing with, and maybe even understand me a little.

    3) Other interests? My bio lists a few, but I'll reiterate nonetheless. I love just about anything and everything 80's. Movies, music, trivia, you name it. I especially enjoy collecting movies from my youth, be they on DVD or VHS, and attending special screenings at local theatres whenever possible. I'll often quote movies in my daily speech. An actor by trade, I'm also an aspiring bass and guitar player, though I'll admit I don't dedicate myself like I should, but I can play a few tunes on both instruments. I really enjoy karaoke; do it quite often. I'm a boxing enthusiast, following the sport quite well. Even worked as a ring announcer for a while. I have been a martial artist for many years, and have studied several styles. I also have a strange fascination with Canada; don't know why. I'm not Canadian, never been there, and I hate the cold. But, I guess I find it interesting speaking with someone who sounds like me and hearing words like "province" and "ministry" instead of "state" and "department". Told you I was weird,ha!

    4) What am I looking for out of this site? Support and understanding, I suppose. I wanted to find a place, however it may exist, where I could be open and honest about who I am and interact with others who were either like me or understood me without judgement or criticism. Sometimes I feel like I want to stop wearing diapers, sometimes I absolutley love wearing them. Sometimes I don't like myself for being unable to leave them behind, sometimes I accept who I am and why I am that way. Maybe I will stop wearing them someday, maybe I won't. Regardless, I just want to find a place where I belong. I hope this is it. Thank you.


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    Welcome to adisc and I'll say, you are not alone in how you feel. I too have been through the whole hating myself for liking diapers adn then geting more to wear and all that. Now I'm a bit more accepting of myself, but still not to the point where I can tell others (though my plan isn't to let alot of people know.). There are many many more like you here and tho they may not say hi here, they do exist.

    I think it's cool that you like stuff from the 80's. I was too young to remember the later half of it but some of it is kinda cool. I'm guessing I'm into hockey kinda like you are into boxing. I don't get to follow it as well as I'd like sometimes but I do enjoy playing.

    I hope you find some good friends to support you here, I know I have.

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    Welcome! Great intro. We like to get to know our new members beside their love of diapers and such, and you definitely put a lot of effort into it.

    I know that feel of being ''weird.'' I'm quite eccentric myself. From sleeping at the foot of my bed instead of the head to writing song parodies, I like to be unique.

    It's quite fine to be nervous about joining. I sure was! But as you'll soon discover, there's plenty of nice people here just like you!

    I too have had a fetish for diapers since I was a small child, though for me it was mainly just ''in my mind'' and I didn't really have a desire to wear. But upon my discovery of my ab side, that is changing!

    Sorry if I kinda rambled, my thoughts tend to just flow out!

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