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    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site as well as new to wearing. I had done a lot of reading up to buying my first diapers and ended up buying a few options (luvs 6, pampers cruisers 7, as well as pampers baby dry 6). I've wetted in all of them and all but the cruisers did a phenomenal job. I was favoring the Luvs 6 for a while but today I tried wetting laying down for the first time and the baby drys by far were superior. I just wanted to post this because I've heard mixed reviews about adults using baby diapers and them not working very well... the Pampers Baby Dry worked great. If you have any other diaper suggestions I'd be more than happy to look into them

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    i wish i kood get diapers but i'm broke i never got to do testing like you thow thats awsome.

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    very nice pretty in pink, while baby diapers aren't meant to fit adults properly, if one is small enought they can work allright (or so I"m told) I can only use them as stuffers since I'm a rather large individual. I hope you have fun with your new diapers!

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    In what way did the Cruisers not work? How were you wetting? The Baby Dry are better for flooding. The Cruisers 7 recently adopted the Dry Max technology (can tell by the way they smell when first wet). Dry Max ultimately absorbs more, but it absorbs slowly. You have to dribble, but they will fill up nice. If you wear them for any prolonged period of time, the tape strip on the front will start to warp and peel away from the diaper. I have managed to wear a Baby Dry overnight, but it was about to give up.

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    I'm impressed you managed to fit into those. I've been curious about baby diapers for a while now, and it's interesting to hear that they actually fit an adult and work.

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    The key is to stretch the sides a little bit first. I am 29-30" waist and 130 lbs. I have pretty wide hips though, and that helps keep the sides up where they are supposed to be.

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    I really wished I did more experimenting before I finally hit my last growth spurt/have been working out a lot more frequently. I only really tried the baby dry 6's and pull ups. The pull ups were a pretty big waste of time because they barely fit and held literally nothing. The 6's were fun but the sides just started pissing me off after awhile. Enjoy the fact that you can fit into them! Although the 6's don't fit perfectly they still held almost triple the amount as goodnites, so I guess that's always a positive. If you're looking to branch out a tad why not try goodnites or pull ups? There's also some great finds adult wise at local drug stores like the depends maximums . If you're just starting out try everything I guess. If that's feasible of course.

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    If you can fit in baby diapers and they work...then bravo! However, if it's a tight fit, you may want to consider something like Abena's or Bambinos. In any case, glad you're enjoying them. And go huskies! ;-)


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