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Thread: Do you have a favourite Pokémon?

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    Default Do you have a favourite Pokémon?

    I think it goes without saying that Pokémon fans tend to have one or a few favourites. Thus, I made this thread so we could all talk about our favourite(s) and explain why we like them.

    My favourites tend to stem from the Water type, especially the starters. While I have Keldeo as my avatar, and he remains as one of my favourites, I have one other I would put above him.

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    Swampert. The things I like about Swampert the most would have to be his colour scheme (blue and orange just work so well together), his animal design and his typing. Sure, he's 4x weak to Grass, but I like being able to one-up Electric types.

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    Blaziken is a huge favorite, but my favorite type is dragon, and Rayquaza is way up there.

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    Dragonite, it's naturally gentle, kindhearted, but if it's angry it goes on a rampage. ^_-

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    Mine was always Raichu and still is after him it would have to be Espeon

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    I've always been obsessed with the concept of psionics, and in connection to that, the wise, mysterious archetype. Very quickly I found Espeon becoming my favorite. That, coupled with its connection to Eevee, who was one of my favorites of the first generation, pretty much guaranteed that it'd have a spot in my favorites. ((Also, huge ears are awesome and they're seldom well done))

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    It's one of those. No one can make me decide. This order was put in no specific order either. In fact, it's probably more likely Misdreavus or Smoochum who are at the back. Still, no one can tell me to pick. I would be so happy to become any one of these... all of them with an everstone surgically implanted into me so I never have to evolve ever. (Especially if I'm a Smoochum, ohemgee!)

    ( Knowing my luck I'll be a physically male Mismaigus or Gothitelle who wants to be go back to being little and be a girl like she is inside this time. ;-; )

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    for me its simple. it is wddle old pikachu. i even used to have a pikachu teddy. i wish i still had it. (sad face)

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    I was (and still am to a certain degree) really big on Entei, I think it helps that his characterization in the Third Movie was bloody epic!

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