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Thread: Night...the night

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    Default Night...the night

    what are the best ways to sleep comfortably with a bottle but without milk?

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    Just water is great for me, especially since I get dehydrated at night. That too boring for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyMachine View Post
    now, from problems with milk components
    but wather is great idea!
    I'm glad you like it. It keeps the best, and if you put an ice cube or two in it.. it'll be colder for a bit longer. I don't mind slightly warm water though myself.

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    I don't really do milk with a bottle, when I want to use one I fill it with a sharp tasting juice so I can suck on it slowly and get some satisfaction out of it. I didn't really like water out of a bottle because it wasn't worth the effort without a tasty treat. :p

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    I love to put apple juice in mine or to a lesser extent lemonade, it gets me into a bed time mood. I wouldn't like milk or water in mine it is not as satisfying and they have a plain taste to me.

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    I put orange juice in mine. Then I can sleep like a baby and make pee-pee in my diaper during the night.

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    Going to be honest, anything carbonated or something that won't taste good warm is a no-no for me if this is a nightime bottle. Nighttime bottles for me aren't going to be drank all right away. I'm going to wake up here and there and drink it all throughout the night. Sharp tasting juices, coco-cola, orange juice, apple juice, and lemonade are all these things for me, and wont' taste very good after a couple hours.

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