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    I am a adult who realized about a year ago that I am a DL. At that time I did a little experimenting because I had a little sister that was still wearing, and so I ended up stealing a total of 4, and duct taped them together to create one that would fit me. After this I was in love, and so i created one more of these, and since then I have not done anything, because I am now living in the dorms at a college. Being a DL has really been on my mind lately, which i honestly don't like because I am extremely embarrassed about it.

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    Recently I have had the idea to start wearing adult diapers, and because of this I have been doing a lot of research, and I believe I found some diapers that I am willing to test. I have thought about using the "Depend for men Underwear Maximum Absorbency" with a pair a plastic pants, because I do not have the courage to purchase anything online yet. Anyways I am planning on wearing these a quite a bit this summer, since I will be going back home. With this being said I do not want anyone at my home to know, and I feel like if it happens to leak there will be a distinct urine smell around my house. How do I completely prevent this from happening, and as I stated before I am extremely embarrassed to be a DL, and don't want anybody to find out my deepest secret.

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    In addition, the first two times I did this i know my parents knew something was up, because right after the first time my mother said the bathroom smelt like urine, and started deep cleaning there. This was the first place I decided to test, and the second time I wore them was in my kitchen. Within minutes of my father coming home he almost instantly started deep cleaning the kitchen. he never said it smelt or anything like this, but the way he cleaned it implied it.

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    Hi there testdummy! I already have talked to you in another thread, but here is a super big formal welcome to ADISC!

    Seems like you are right in the thick of things when it comes to your journey into your DL interests aren't you? I know about the fear of urine smelling, though I personally feel like without the smell isn't as fun. (I'm a wierdo though.) Given your situation, you should totally look into some of the many threads about what sorts of things cause urine to smell more, and see if any of those help you. Unfortunately, I really don't know how to help that sort of thing. I personally am not even sure that sort of thing works.. my biggest recommendation would be to only do it when you have good privacy and then to discard the diaper in an outside bin and spray lots of air freshener. That's what I did, anyway. Don't know about the layout of where you live.

    Other then that though, what sorts of non-DL interests do you have? What does your name mean and why did you pick it? How did you find ADISC, and what ultimately helped you decide to join?

    I hope you have a great time here test dummy. I know this sort of thing can be so embarrassing, but I hope so much that you know that I think it's perfectly fine to be interested in this sort of thing. Don't let your embarrassment tell you that you are a bad person, because you aren't at all. Try to have lots of fun, not only on this site but in everything you do.

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