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Thread: Diaper Lover: But no regression?

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    Default Diaper Lover: But no regression?

    I've been into diapers for about 5-ish years now, and I've worn them on and off as I thought I could get away with it. I'd experiment with different brands, activities, etc, but I never found myself actually desiring the more, for lack of a better term, "childish" side of the ABDL lifestyle. I'm curious, yes, but there's not a real need, unlike with diapers. It's like wanting to try a new drink flavor or something, rather than the actual concept of being thirsty. I like diapers, but I also like my sapience and cognition. I don't want to be a baby; I want to be me, wearing diapers. Does this make sense?

    Another way of explaining it. I think what makes diapers interesting to me is the taboo, yet "safe" aspects of it. Part of the thrill is the fear of getting caught. But while I might be able to explain away diapers with bedwetting or a practical joke, I'm not sure I could explain pacifiers, bottles, clothing, etc. In addition to this, I like diapers because of the physical aspects of it, i.e. comfort, padding, clean smell, etc.

    I dunno, just trying to organize my thoughts. I'll delete the thread if it's unwanted or unneeded, but perhaps you guys could help, since you're kind of experts on this stuff?

    And, of course, no offense intended to anybody who /is/ attracted to those other aspects.
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    It's simply down to the fact that everyone is different. You can be ABDL, AB or DL. The scenario you described isn't unusual at all and I've often had the impression that there are more DLs than ABs. I think as long as you're happy then that's all that matters.

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    Just as with autism, ABDL is a spectrum. While one can have a mild case of Asperger's and be extremely social, learn body language and eye contact and have no struggles with sensory issues, the opposite person can be full blown LFA; nonverbal and just ambulatory enough to be out of a permanent vegetative state. CGH mentions a plurality of DLs and I suppose one could make a blanket statement that 'all ABs are DLs, but not all DLs are ABs" - but this is not exactly true since ageplay itself has a full range of stages in life one could regress to if they wanted. That's probably a whole other can of worms but in my case I have to claim AB since I constantly feel mentally younger than my physical age, I experiment with infantile behaviors and use a paci from time to time (even though that's barely what I consider hardcore AB)

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    I am the same way Fidad. I have no interest in babyish things but love the feel of a good diaper. I have a hard time with things in my moth for a long time - I can't brush my teeth or floss very long before gagging, so the thought of a paci in my mouth does not even sound like fun to me. As I have observed on this site and as MoPadded said above, there' abroad spectrum in abdl and we fall on the lower end.

    Having said the above, I hope I didn't offend any ab's - I'm just stating how I feel. Everyone is different - diverse, if you will.

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    I completely agree with the other posts. I am only a DL, but I feel the urge to go out in public wearing instead of just staying at home and I have seen that a lot of people on this website are the complete opposite. This might mean that I am at a more advanced stage of a DL, which I am learning to be ok with.

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    As was stated before, it is all a matter of preference. Some may have more of a sexual attraction to diapers, some may want to feel like a baby, some may just like to try baby things, and some may just like diapers. Out of the whole spectrum of differing AB/DLs, whatever you decide to go with is what will make you happy, so don't feel bad that you don't conform to one aspect. You're just being you, and you should stay you

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    Of course you can be just a DL and not an AB. Lots of people are. But I think some DLs are scared of experimenting with AB activities because of a misconception that being an AB has to involve a kind of regression that involves a loss of cognition. That's not true. There are lot of different kinds of ABs, and not all of us regress in this way.

    For some ABs, AB play involves a change in status without a change in role. It's an experience of power exchange. The mindset isn't "I'm a baby now." It's "I'm being treated like a baby now. Someone is making me wear diapers and baby clothes, and I'm being forced to drink from a bottle and sleep in a crib, and I hate it! (But really I love it.)" BitterGrey has helpful things about this kind of AB.

    The Infantilism/ABDL Triangle

    AB play can also be about taboos being lifted. It can be about giving yourself permission to do some fun or comforting things that are usually reserved for young children in our culture. If you get comfort from sucking on a pacifier or from cuddling a teddy bear, why not do it? If kids' cartoon shows give you pleasure, why not watch them? You don't have to pretend that you're a child to do these things and get pleasure from them.

    Finally, there are plenty of ABs who do regress or go into "baby headspace," but who don't try to act exactly like a child of a particular age. Lots of ABs in "baby mode" combine characteristics of infants, toddlers, older children, and adults all at the same time. An AB might be dressed like a 2-year-old, drink from a bottle like an infant, play with a toy that's meant for children over five, and talk like a college senior.

    So if you're just a DL, that's okay. Lots of people are. But don't be scared of AB play, and don't feel that being an AB means that you have to talk or think like a baby. There are lots of other ways to be an AB.

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    I went for a long time with no great love for "babyish" things other than diapers. Diapers were to me started because I had fantasies that I'd be punished in school by having to wear them. It was only much later that I started bringing in the AB stuff.

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    I have started with diapers for my bedwetting problem. I like the feel of diapers and got use to being diapered. Then I bought AB items and now I have fun all the time at home. I feel young and silly when I am all dress up and I like it too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FIDAD View Post
    I don't want to be a baby; I want to be me, wearing diapers. Does this make sense?
    Yes! It does! That's a perfect description of how I want to be. I don't want to pretend to be someone I am not. I want to be all of "me", wearing a diaper.

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