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    So last Friday night I decided to load up a bit on drink and wrap up with some quality padding for a heavy diaper use night. I'll usually drink 1 to 1.5 liters of water just before bed, and that'll give me several good wettings as I tend to wake up frequently overnight anyway. But I've always wondered what it would be like to wake up with a wet diaper and not have any memory of waking up to wet. I figured "needing" a diaper overnight would never happen to me.

    I'd already wet once much earlier in the evening, but was off in dream-land probably around 2-3am. I can lucid dream to an extent, but I usually wake up soon after starting lucid dreaming. I have very little time to free-act before I wake up, I'm just too light of a sleeper. Several times I've tried to take a piss in my dream to see if I wet my diaper, but I always woke up almost immediately, with no results.

    So tonight I was driving real fast in a cart of some sort down a steep mountain road with hairpin turns, as it overlooks a small town in the valley below. I took a turn too hard and next thing I know I'm flying off the road into the air and start coasting above the city below.

    That's just too weird. I must be dreaming. (or I have very little time to live I suppose?) I remembered my "mission", and proceeded to try to take a piss as I had done several times before. It was strange, I could feel the rush of flowing pee as though wetting my diaper, the way it feels when you flood. That was unexpected, I'd never felt that in a dream before. Well, as usual, I only stayed asleep about 5 seconds after that.

    BUT... when I woke up, I notice something interesting. My diaper's very warm, as though freshly wetted, even though it's been a few hours earlier when I last woke up and wet. Huh... guess I pulled it off? No leaks, I happened to be pointing down. And it's not like I was considering that when I was dreaming... guess I will have to make sure I stay pointed down overnight from now on.

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    Sounds like the diaper was a good idea! And indeed always point down for bedtime, or you will be in trouble.

    I have had the wetting in my dreams experiences also, only to wake up finding it was not exclusively in the dream.

    Sleep wet...errm, I mean well!

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    Fellow oneironaut here. Congrats on your success. Just FYI, If you expect it to happen, or if you are hoping it doesn't happen, it will happen. If you expect to stay lucid, you will. If you expect to wake up after five seconds, you will. Just my two cents. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benhedges View Post
    Fellow oneironaut here.
    F***ing awesome word! Thank you!

    Ahhhh.... does anyone else get really excited about learning a new big word?!

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