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Thread: Members leaving ADISC

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    Question Members leaving ADISC

    I was recently browsing some old posts in some of the groups I am in on this website, and as I clicked on certain members to learn more about them from their profile page, I realized that there are plenty of people who just stop visiting us here on ADISC. I'm not talking about banned members, the under-18s, the people leaving with wild posts about quitting ABDL, I'm talking about people who just randomly stopped coming back.

    One of the users that I was rather friends with (kind of) eventually seemed to fall of the face of the earth. It is rather surprising to me to notice that sometimes people leave with no goodbyes or anything of the sort.

    I guess the reason I am starting this thread is to ask if anyone else notices this sort of thing. I mean, sure some will lose interest (even I only come here sporadically) or real life catches up and they have to tend to other things and simply don't get an opportunity to come back but I have been noticing this for the past few months now and the amount of people that just leave is incredible!

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    In my years here, I have seen many cases of this. This is really the nature of online sites. Many people stop showing up without really intending to stop showing up. Generally, that happens because something comes up and the person gets very distracted and caught up in other areas of their lives. Perhaps they thought they'd only be gone for a couple weeks but ended up staying gone for a while. Some choose to leave but don't feel as though they're well-known enough to make a leaving post or that making such a post would have any value for them or others.

    Basically, the reasons for leaving are just as numerous as the reasons for coming to the site in the first place. It's nice to know when people are thinking of not coming around ahead of time, but that's just often not how sites like this (and life in general really) work.

    Some people simply forget to come back and sending them a PM or something if you miss them might just get them to stop by again. Aside from that, I'd just remind people who miss people who used to come around here to try to interact with current people and enjoy the company of the good members who are still here.

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    I came back the other day (before under 18's were banned this is the first I've heard of that) but yes I focused on life and a purge after that didn't really make me inclined to come on and coming here was not not a priority, so theres another factor for you

    And there is those quite or at least try and coming here wouldn't exactly help with that. So as you can probably imagine they would want to distance themselves from anything that reminds them of their AB/Dl side.

    As for coming back it was a email from Moo saying about being 18 that made me return but that was only because it emailed the address i still use. So I guess that would be one way to get back in touch, no others come to mind.

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    I've been here for ages now and have seen most people who were here before me go, if I had left 2 years ago and come back then it would be a huge shock to the system because I would recognise so few names. we all lives off of here, sometimes things get in the way and people forget about this place. Sometimes people leave because of the way the site has changed (lots of people I knew from my early days did that) and sometimes people just get bored of the site. It happens here and happens on practically every site, there have been times where I have thought about it but I haven't done so yet. It just life really, we can't stop it or change what has happened but maybe one day they'll return because anything can happen.

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    I was almost one of those people to leave without a 'later days' after I'd been around nearly a month and 1 particular member was consistently causing me to feel unwelcome every time I'd read this person's post after mine, but after a perfunctory Google I can now clearly see what is a classic case of displacement. So you might have some of that going on, then you have some people going: "wait, this isn't a hookup spot? No crotch shots?! Oh! FINE then..." and then you also have people who are in some sort of phase

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    Its really not an ADISC specific thing - people just fading away has happened on every forum I've been on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    people just fading away has happened on every forum I've been on.

    oops, i suppose i better say something worthy.............something worthy.
    personally, i'm sort of looking toward the schooling cycles. no doubt when the summer hols arrive, there'll shed loads of peeps posting (after the first two weeks, when bordeom sets in).

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    I think that when people first sign on, everything they read and discover is new and exciting. For me it was actually being able to communicate with others who not only liked diapers, but were openly (on this site) talking about diapers and using them. It seemed amazing. After awhile, it all become old and repetitive. The shine wears off, so to speak. I always find something of interest, and I enjoy talking to old friends and establishing new friendships, but I can understand that others may not feel the same way. Once there is nothing new to discover, they slowly drift away, first missing a few days, then a few weeks, and then gone.

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    It seems like everyone on this post is saying the same stuff, but what also gets me is how just a few months ago I saw a really active new member who seemed to be everywhere and made their way up to some 350 posts in, what I felt to be, no time. Then, all of a sudden, that person was gone too!

    I guess the reason this surprises me so much is the seemingly random fashion in which this happens. I recently had the pleasure of reading a post from a member who was also always extremely active and then seemed to disappear but seems to be back now. It strikes me as strange that if I were to take a year long absence, I might come back to see someone who I felt to be a staple of the ADISC community gone for good. It is like if you woke up the next morning and Chuck Norris just shaved off the mystical beard...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zazi View Post
    It strikes me as strange that if I were to take a year long absence, I might come back to see someone who I felt to be a staple of the ADISC community gone for good.
    Yeah, you stick around here (or anywhere really) long enough, or be gone for long enough, then this will happen to you. In the three and a half years that I have been here, I have seen a nearly-complete turnover in who was considered a 'staple' member. There are still quite a few active from that time, although some go by different names now.

    If given a minute, I can probably rattle off the names of at least 20-30 people who had hundreds or even thousands of posts when I joined who are no longer here. I mean, these are people who I thought were staples of this site and possibly even the ABDL community at large. Some were staff members, and others were counted amongst our top contributors (then called VIPs). In fact, with the only exception being Moo, the entire staff team has changed since I joined here. Some of the former staff members are still around and active, others are hardly ever around here but are still on the site, and at least a handful have completely left for one reason or another.

    It's odd and hard to see the turnover, but once you realize that it's just part of being in an online community, it can make it a bit easier to handle.

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