Hello all. It has been a while since I have been on here although most of you guys probably wouldn't have even noticed since I usually read more than write since I don't have much to post for now. Anyways ...

I have recently moved back to Pennsylvania from California and I only know a few people in my area and I was looking for suggestions to meet new people. Keep in mind a bar or a club is a bit out of the question because being visually impaired it's difficult to navigate places with a lot of noise and definitely when there are a lot of people in crowds. I don't randomly add people to social networks unless I know them from somewhere else so that's out. I am not in college right now and I tried that but due to the people at my last college not being very accommodating I'm not up for that all again. Being accommodating meaning getting required academic materials for me to succeed in to electronic format. I fought with the staff there for 2 and a half semesters.

If you have any suggestions they'd be appreciated.
Thank you in advanced.